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Nowadays, many new parents, parents-to-be, new mothers, or mothers-to-be are very concern on their children development, food nutrients, and learning activities.

The objectives of this site is to share a mommy’s experience in homemaking. Here you may find interesting articles about prenatal, postnatal, breastfeeding, parenting, travel tips, groceries shopping tips, family fun activities, lifestyles, and recipes.

For parents or mothers-to-be, you may want to equip yourself with more prenatal information on:

1) List of mommy and baby essentials

2) Confinement

3) Things to pack to hospital

4) How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

For new parents or new mothers may find the following information are useful and essential:

1) Breastfeeding tips

2) Bonding with your newborn

3) Baby first solids

4) Travel with your baby

5) Parenting

Besides, the recipes found on this site are kids friendly recipes. So all the mommies out there can find some ideas in cooking healthy and delicious meals for their families.

There are also groceries shopping tips that are crucial for those homemakers like the writer when they want to shop for certain groceries like soy sauce, vegetables, fish and etc.