Aulora Boxer Testimony – Amazing Feedback For Health Recovery

In this post, I thought of sharing an amazing Aulora Boxer testimony that I received from my WhatsApp chat group.

It is really touching and I am grateful that one of the Aulora Series product which is the Aulora Boxer with Kodenshi has helped to improve the health of its user.

The following is the testimonial that I received. It was a feedback from Mr. Wee Chow Yong.

Aulora Boxer Testimony

At the age of 19 . Appendix Rupture. Hospitalisation for 2 months. MC for 4 months.

Age 38 testicle cancer. Radiotherapy at Damansara Specialist hospital. MC for 1 year.

Newspaper cutting

Age 45 Leukemia Chemotherapy at PPUM. Hospitalisation for 3 months. MC for 1 year.

Aulora Boxer Testimonial

Age 50. Intestinal Obstruction (Bowel Obstruction). 3 times abdomen operation. Hospitalisation for 7 months.

Meniere’s Disease. (Vertigo/Giddiness) for more than 5 years.

Went to few EnT specialists and few Traditional Chinese Medical center.

I cannot head up, lies flat and get up quickly from bed or sit.

The most serious time is 2 days cannot wake up and continuously vomit.

Oct 2019. I tried Shiruto 2 packs per day, morning and night.

After 1 and the half box, I can head up, lies flat and wake up quickly.

December 2018. I realised that my urine foamy, from the urine report indicate that I have too much of protein, such as ALBUMIN in my urine.

It may be a sign that my kidneys aren’t working properly.

On November 2019, I bought a pairs of Aulora Boxer. After worn it for 24 hrs and 2 weeks. My urine foamy vanished.

Medical report

My latest Urine report show that my protein in urine is NEGATIVE.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank BE International for having a marvelous products.

Again, thank you to Mr. Wee for sharing his amazing testimonial.

If you are currently doing your research on the effectiveness of the Aulora Boxer, I hope this article has been helpful to you.

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