Zencoso For Pregnancy – Systemic Enzyme For Fertility

For women that are planning to get pregnant, will taking Zencoso help them to conceive? For women that want to get pregnant, taking Zencoso regularly can definitely help. The science behind taking Zencoso to help with pregnancy is systemic enzymes. Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor a nutritionist. The reason I wrote this [...]

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What Are Food Enzymes & How The Enzymes Benefit Us?

Picture credit: drjockers.com In this article, I will try to explain what I know about food enzymes after doing my research and reading on the internet. Enzymes refer to compounds that act as catalysts in a biochemical process. A catalyst is something that speeds up a biochemical reaction. Researchers have identified over 5,000 enzymes that [...]

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Zencoso From BE International Review – Is It Good?

In this article, I thought of writing a product review of BElizx Zencoso from BE International Marketing. But before I proceed, please allow me to share with you some information in regards to food enzyme. In your daily life, do you often experience the following symptoms? Tiredness after meals Bloatedness Nausea Diarrhoea Irregular mensuration (women) [...]

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