Avamys Nasal Spray Alternative – A Mother’s Recommendation

Avamys nasal spray is a popular corticosteroid medication for seasonal allergic rhinitis in Malaysia. You can purchase Avamys in most pharmacy in Malaysia without the need of a doctor's prescription. Avamys is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and distributed in Malaysia by Zuellig Pharma. The active ingredient in Avamys is fluticasone furoate, a type of corticosteroid. Avamys [...]

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How Shiruto Was Used As a Psoriasis Treatment

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal experience meeting a customer of mine who had bought Shiruto for his psoriasis. Shiruto, the vitamins for immune system was launched in Malaysia by BE International on 5th January 2019. A few days after the launch, I've received a message from a person asking about the [...]

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Shiruto For HFMD – Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Shiruto from BE International was officially launched on 5th January 2019 in Malaysia. Since then, the response for the product has been very good and many people have been enjoying the benefits of the immune system vitamins. After to product launching, I have seen many positive testimonials from people that have consumed Shiruto. There were [...]

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Shiruto For Hair Growth – A New Solution For Hair Loss?

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement in regards to Shiruto from BE International. Apparently, many people have been experiencing hair growth after consuming the Shiruto supplement. Even myself had received a few enquiries asking me if Shiruto can help them to solve their hair loss problem. When Shiruto was launched back in January [...]

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Belixz Shiruto Booklet – Download The Product Catalog Here

The Belixz Shiruto is one of the best selling product from BE International Marketing. Since it's launching in Malaysia back in January 2019, the product has been getting a lot of interest from the market. What is so special about Shiruto? What are the benefits of taking the product? Shiruto is actually a type of [...]

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Shiruto MLM Marketing Plan For A Home Business

In this article, I will share an opportunity where you can start your own home based business using Shiruto as one of your main product. Belixz Shiruto product name brand owner is BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd. located in Shah Alam, Selangor. BE International is a registered direct sales company established in 2017. It is [...]

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Shiruto Helped To Relieve My Daughter’s Fever

In this post, I thought of sharing my personal experience giving Shiruto to my youngest daughter. One day back in end of February 2019, my youngest daughter who is 5 years old came back from her kindergarten. It was a normal weekday. She had her lunch at my parent's place and then she took a [...]

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Shiruto By BE International Presentation By Dr Hiroyuki Inagawa

On 5th January 2019, BE International Marketing officially launched their new product. The new product is called Shiruto - Vitamins for your immune system. In conjunction with the launch, BE International has invited an expert, Dr. Hiroyuki Inagawa from Japan to give a presentation on the main ingredients in Shiruto, IP-PA1. Before this, I believe most [...]

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