Shiruto For Gastric Ulcer – Can The Vitamin Help?

Can taking Shiruto, the vitamin for our immune system, imported from Japan by BE International Marketing helps to prevent or improve gastric ulcer? Based on the literature in the Shiruto product catalog, yes it can and it has clinically proven results to support it. What is gastric or stomach ulcer? According to Stomach ulcers, [...]

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Can Shiruto From BE International Help Diabetes Patients?

Can taking Shiruto, the vitamins for our immune system help people with diabetes? According to the information in the Shiruto product catalog, yes, it can help diabetes patients but only for Type 1 diabetes. What is Type 1 diabetes? According to Mayo Clinic website: Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, [...]

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Can Shiruto From BE International Helps to Reduce Cholesterol?

Can Shiruto, the vitamin for our immune system helps to reduce our cholesterol level? Based on the Shiruto product catalog, yes, it can help to reduce the cholesterol level in our body. After reading the product brochure, I did wonder, what is the ingredients in Shiruto to helps to reduce cholesterol? To answer the above [...]

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Using Shiruto For H1N1 Influenza A Recovery Testimonial

In this article, I thought of sharing a very touching testimonial from a mother with a 2 years old boy diagnosed with Influenza A subtype H1N1. She actually gave her son the Shiruto vitamins from BE International Marketing to help with his recovery. Below is her testimonial that were shared with me on my WhatsApp [...]

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3 Easy Steps To Buy Shiruto Online Without An Agent

How do you buy the Shiruto vitamins for your immune system from BE International online? Do you need to go through an agent? How about buying Shiruto from 3rd party online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 etc? In this article, I will answer all of the questions above. What is Shiruto? Firstly, what is [...]

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How Shiruto Can Relieve Sinus Or Allergic Rhinitis

Can the Shiruto vitamin from BE International help to relieve sinus or allergic rhinitis? The simple answer is absolutely. Many people, both adults and children suffer from sensitive nose which causes constants sneezing, blocked and runny nose. Many people call this as having sinus. But a more accurately term for the above symptoms is allergic [...]

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Discover How Shiruto Helps To Relieve Eczema

Have you heard that Shiruto, a new vitamin from BE International can help to relieve eczema? What is Shiruto? It is a highly effective proprietary formulation to boost the performance of your immunity system made in Japan exclusively for BE International Marketing. There are many health benefits when you consume Shiruto. One of the benefit [...]

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