BE International Marketing Plan – 9 Income Benefits

What is the marketing plan offered by BE International?

What is the income potential if you were to build a business using BE International’s platform?

The company

Firstly, know that BE International Marketing is a licensed direct sales company in Malaysia.

The company is also a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM).

Member of DSAM

Member of DSAM

Being a member of DSAM, the company has to follow the strict Code of Conduct.

The marketing plan

When I first saw the marketing plan, to be honest, I have no idea what I was looking at.

All the numbers look very confusing to me.

There were different numbers such as PV, BV, SV, PSV & TGSV.

The plan makes no sense to me at all.

All I understood was there were a few key and top selling products from BE International.

These products were:

What really caught my attention was the income benefits.

When you sign up as a member / Independent Business Owner (IBO), you have the potential to earn 9 types of income.

[5 benefits of becoming a member of BE International]

The types of income were:

  1. Retail profit
  2. Performance bonus
  3. Ambassador bonus
  4. Ambassador achievement bonus
  5. Leadership bonus
  6. Development fund
  7. Year end bonus
  8. Car fund
  9. House fund
BE 9 types of bonuses

BE 9 types of benefits

I was told by a senior IBO that the car fund and house fund are unique to BE International because other direct sales company do not have them.

These 2 types of income are pure passive income!

I was really excited when I heard that.

Do you want to know more on the marketing plan by BE International?

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