Kodenshi Pants For Pregnancy – Can You Wear It?

Can pregnant ladies wear the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi?

The simple answer is Yes, but…

For pregnant ladies, you can wear the legging, but it also depends which trimester you are in.

If you are in your first trimester of your pregnancy, personally, I would not recommend for you to wear the pants.

I would not even recommend you wearing any tight clothing.

Reason being, during your first trimester, your pregnancy is not yet stable.

There is no reason why you should take any risk. Be patience and wait until your second trimester.

Aulora Kodenshi Pregnancy

Second trimester

When you are in your second trimester, by all means, go ahead and wear the Aulora Pants.

When you are pregnant, your metabolism and blood circulation will slow down quite abit.

The pants will help you to boost your blood circulation.

Third trimester

When you are in your third trimester, you can still wear the pants, but the challenge is putting it on.

When you are in your final trimester of your pregnancy, your belly will be quite big and it will be challenging to pull the leggings up your leg.

But if your husband is willing to help you, by all means, keep wearing it.

If you find it too difficult to wear the pants, don’t worry, you still can enjoy some of the benefits.

The pants work by virtue of skin contact.

As long as the material is touching your skin, the far infrared ray will activate.

Therefore, if you have leg cramps, you can actually use the pants and wrap your leg area.

It is a bit creative, but it does work.

Kodenshi Pants Wrap

Using Aulora Pants to warp tired leg

Confinement period

Finally, after you have given birth, wearing the Aulora Pants during your confinement period will work wonders.

Due to its compression element, the pants will help you to tighten your lower body and also helps you to expel wind.

In actual fact, you do not need the service of a Malay tukang urut during your confinement period.

Just imagine the money you will save.

Do you want to know more about the Aulora Pants and how it can help you for post pregnancy?

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