My Shiruto Testimonial – How The Vitamin From BE Healed My Skin Disorder

“It’s awesome and amazing”! These are the words I truly agree!

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude which my sister introduces me to join BE International.

Initially, I wasn’t confidence with the products and the price is another concern for me despite I have continuously read the testimonials which my sister shared on the social media.

This year, I approached my sister and got my first product trial – SHIRUTO.

As known SHIRUTO is a supplement, protecting us against viruses attack. And most importantly it can be consumed daily by all level of people no matter you are young or old or even pregnant.

I have severe skin problem on my leg which I believed it is due to my hormone changed when I was pregnant 4 years ago.

This skin disorder has been irritating me for years and the itchiness spread tremendously and my skin had become worsen day by day.

Apparently, it ruins my confident by wearing skirt or short as the ugly scar on my leg was obviously can be seen.

At that time, I had read through numerous testimonials of SHIRUTO on skin problems. I told myself I need to work out something on it.

In May 2019, I had made up my mind and started my “BE” journey.

After consuming SHIRUTO for 8 days, ( I only took 1 sachet per day ), my skin scar is slowly healed and faded.

The most grateful was the itchiness is gone at the same time. I’ve no longer to scratch my leg throughout the nights.

Now, I have no doubt to give my 2 daughters to consume SHIRUTO as a shield of protecting them from virus attack.

There is always prevent better than cure. My both daughters love taking it and they know what SHIRUTO is all about!

Of course, not to forget Aulora Socks which it plays an important role to one’s wellness.

With its Kodenshi technology, a good blood circulations is the major factor that own a good skin and health.

I wear Aulora Socks during sleep time every night. It gives warm to my feet and intentionally it improves my sleep quality.

So, for all of you still thinking of joining BE or not, need it or don’t.

Please give yourself a chance to get better understanding of what BE does, and what Aulora Pants & Socks, SHIRUTO, Befil & etc are all about.

They might help you, your friends and relatives or even people surrounds you one day.

“BElieve in YOURself” You may change your life!

If you have any question regarding Shiruto, please click the link below to contact me on my WhatsApp.

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