Slendez Meal Review – Nutritious Meal Replacement

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal experience using the Slendez Meal nutritious meal replacement drink from BE International Marketing.

Slendez Meal

Whenever a product is launched in a market, we know that it was created as a solution to solve a problem. In this aspect, the Slendez Meal product was created to solve a common problem faced by urban dwellers.

For a busy person, it is very common for him or her to have an irregular eating habit. Due to their tight daily schedule at work or at home, most people do not make time to eat a proper healthy and balanced meal.

To save time, most would just eat whatever is the most convenient. Because of busy lifestyle and lack of time, they often forget the importance of eating well and therefore end up taking irregular meals.

There are consequences of eating irregularly. Some of these consequences are:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced performance
  • Health problems
  • Obesity
  • Developing a tendency to overeat

What is the solution to irregular eating?

It is none other than the Belixz Slendez Meal, a formula dietary food.

3 key benefits of Slendez Meal

Slendez Meal from BE International has 3 key benefits. These benefits are:

  1. It provides a balanced diet by fulfilling our nutritional needs
  2. It promotes an optimal energy balance
  3. It is easily adapted into any modern lifestyle

Slendez Meal provides a balanced diet

Lets talk about the first benefit of the product.

In 1 sachet of Slendez Meal, it has:

  • 25 types of whole grains
  • 21 types of vitamin and minerals
  • 10 gram of plant based protein
  • 5 gram of fibre

What are the benefits of having all the above ingredients in the mixture?

Firstly, these grains are rich in essential fatty acids.

The grains also strengthens and nourishes our digestive system. As an added benefit, it helps to keep you full for a longer period of time thus helps to main a healthy body weight.

Multi-grains also aid in managing your body fat and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

To provide a balanced diet, within the mixture, you will also find ingredients such as brown rice, oat, quinoa, black wheat, barley, corn, sorgum, black and red bean, soy, green bean and rice bean.

What is the amount of calories in 1 sachet of Slendez Meal?

1 sachet of Slandez Meal has a net weight of 40 gram and it has a total of 133 kcal.

For an adult, a recommended daily calories intake is 2000 kcal.

1 plate of nasi lemak or chicken rice has around 650 kcal. Therefore 1 sachet of Slendez Meal has only 1/3 the calories of a regular meal in Malaysia

My personal experience taking Slendez Meal

Personally, what I like most about taking Slendez Meal is the convenience.

Just like everyone else, sometimes I do get caught in a busy daily schedule and don’t have time to take a proper meal.

What I’ll do is take a sachet and mix it with lukewarm water. After a quick stir, it is ready to be drank.

Taste wise, Slendez Meal is like drinking a glass of thick soya milk.

Whenever I take a sachet, I found that I don’t feel hungry for at least 6 hours. If I were to take a sachet during lunch hour, I won’t feel hungry until dinner time.

In fact, I am also giving both my young daughters Slendez Meal for breakfast. I believe it is a better alternative than feeding them nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast.

As an added benefit for Muslim, Slendez Meal is Halal and certified JAKIM.


If you are a person who is always busy and don’t have time to eat a proper and balanced meal, try the Belixz Slendez Meal from BE International. It is low in calories and packed with healthy ingredients for your body.

You will love the convenience. When you are hungry, all you have to do is pour the sachet mixture into a cup of lukewarm water, stir and you will have a healthy meal to keep you full for the day.

Want to know more about Slendez Meal?

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