Shiruto Helped To Relieve Eczema On 3 Month Old Baby’s Skin

In this article, I thought of sharing an amazing testimonial I received from one of my WhatsApp group.

The testimonial is from a mother with a 3 month old baby that have developed eczema on his face.

Desperate for a solution to relieve the eczema, the mother gave the Shiruto vitamin from BE International to the baby.

Below are the actual “before and after” pictures of the baby with eczema.

Shiruto relieve eczema on baby

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my business associate for sharing this amazing Shiruto testimonial.

My neighbor told me that her three-month-old son had eczema.

The eczema problem started after the full moon. She could not drink milk.

After talking, because I have Shiruto, I have seen other people’s eczema problem has improved, I said to give it a try.

I just want to help her.

As a mother, I understand that she just wanted to see her healthy and fat children.

The baby has been going to specialist treatments for a long time, and they have changed a lot of skin care products formulated by doctors, and steroids, etc., which cost a lot of money, and the situation is repeated.

31/3/2020 In the evening, the child’s mother ate Shiruto, and in the next few days, 1 packet sooner or later, the eczema became worse and worse.

I told her that it was a better response.

She believed that I would continue to eat Shiruto and add the doctor’s surprise at the combination of the specialty formula and the rapid recovery of the baby! 😱

It gave her child tender and fair skin in 10 days.

I was also convinced. I was really convinced. I can’t believe it.

The child’s sleep has been improved, and mom and dad can get a full rest, thanksgiving!

Thank you neighbors for believing that Shiruto can help her child recover from eczema.

Thank you for trusting me! 🙏

Note: The child is exclusively breastfed.

Can a baby less than 1 year old consume Shiruto?

Usually I will ask if the baby still breastfeeding?

If the baby is still breastfeeding, I would recommend for the mother to take 1 to 2 sachet of Shiruto per day.

The Shiruto nutrients will then be passed to the baby through the mother’s breast milk.

That is exactly the case with the mother in the testimonial above.

If you know of anyone with a baby that is suffering from skin eczema, now you can recommend for the mother to try the Shiruto vitamin from Japan.

Note: In April 2020, Shiruto has won the Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Awards 2019 for the Nutrition Supplement Award.

The award is a great recognition for the amazing product offered by BE International.

Shiruto 2019 Award

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