Should You Rely On Social Media Traffic For Your MLM Business?

Should you rely purely on social media marketing to generate traffic to your network marketing / MLM business?

Starting a home based business in Malaysia is not really difficult.

You can actually go to right now to sign up for an account.

By doing so, you can now have a website with blogging and e-commerce features enabled.

You can now upload the pictures of the product you want to sell with the price and description on your website.

Your online business is now open for business.

But now you have one big challenge, you don’t have anyone coming to your site.

Many new MLM business owners have the same issue. They are open for business, buy no one knows about it.

You can go on the internet to search for ways to generate traffic for your site and one of the most common strategy is to use social media.

In Malaysia, the most popular social media channels are Facebook and Instagram.

There were 23,230,000 Facebook users in Malaysia in September 2018, which accounted for 71.1% of its entire population.

It is fair to say if you are planning to use social media marketing strategy, Facebook is the number one place to be.

Do you know that doing social media sales through Facebook and Instagram is a big thing in Thailand?

Creative entrepreneur are promoting items from dried shrimp to fake eye lashes on Facebook Live. To read this about it, click here.

Most new home business owners will start to create a Facebook page promoting their online business. They will also create an Instagram account and start posting pictures about their products.

To be honest, if you put in consistent effort promoting your MLM business on social media through Facebook and Instagram, sooner or later you will start to get referral traffic to your web site.

After a while, your Facebook page and posts will be indexed by search engine and you will get more exposure from Google. You will start to receive organic search traffic to your Facebook page and the traffic will trickle down to your web page.

You will also start to gather followers on Instagram and that will also create exposure to your home business.

Soon you will start to generate sales from your website.

Congratulation! Your social media marketing effort has paid off.

Most network marketing business owner when they reached this stage is to double down on their effort. They will start to share more posts on their FB page, post more pictures and start doing Facebook Live promoting their product.

Since the social media marketing strategy is working, it only makes sense to do more of it. The more effort you put in, the more sales you’ll make.

The question that I want to ask network marketers that use online marketing, “Should you rely purely on social media to generate traffic to your MLM business website?”

The answer is NO, you should not rely purely on traffic from social media.

Reason being, the traffic coming from social media rely on an algorithm.

An algorithm is made of a complex field of formulas. Any changes on the algorithm will affect how your content is being featured on the social media platform.

What would be a better approach?

A better approach to generate traffic to your website is through blogging and build up your personal branding.

How do you brand yourself?

I will cover the topic of personal branding in my next article.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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