Unexplained Blisters On Feet Relieved With Shiruto From Japan

In this post, I thought of sharing a message from my WhatsApp group about Shiruto vitamin.

Shiruto vitamin

The message was a testimonial from a parent of a child having unexplained blisters on her feet problem relieved after taking the Shiruto vitamin from Japan by BE International.

I would like to thank Alex for sharing this amazing Shiruto testimonial.

If you are in the situation where you’ve tried many ways, visited doctor uncountable times, children taking varieties of medication and still couldn’t find the solution.

Please continue reading my stories.

She is my daughter Haylee, she is 9 years old this year.

She is a very happy and bubbly person.

Unfortunately she suffer from skin problem started back when we were in Sweden.

Unexplained feet blisters

It will flare up at least twice a year and staying for about a month or two.

We had been to many skin specialist in Sweden but still can’t cure her skin condition.

Its all started with one blister and it will spread further. But it’s not contagious to others.

Blisters on child's feet

Being a mother my heart felt so pain that I couldn’t help to improve her condition.

Until she have to ask: “Mummy why I have this problem others don’t have?”

It’s very painful. 😭😭😭

She couldn’t play with her friends during summer. Only stayed home.

Blisters on feet

Acting positively I can only tell her good hope.

Although I don’t have any good option to try back than.

Unexplained blisters on foot

She even have to walk on her knee at home or us carrying her because the blister on her feet really gave her a lot of pain when she walk.

I will have to clean, disinfect and wrap it back the blister twice a day.

Every mother will go extra mile to do whatever it takes for their good of their kids.

Until we move to Malaysia last year Aug 2019 and it flare up once again.

My good friend gave me a supplement to try. Having no other choice we just gave it a try.

The blister dried up in 4 days 😳😳😳 Freaking 4 days!

I am happy that I’ve found the right choice for Haylee. She is a happy girl now.

Happy kids Happy mum.

Thank you Alex again for sharing the amazing Shiruto vitamin testimonial above.

If you are a parent and your child is experiencing unexplained blisters on the feet, you can give Shiruto vitamin a try.

It might help to relieve the blisters.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was beneficial for you.

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