Aulora Pants Indonesia – Kodenshi Pants Buying Guide

How do you buy the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International in Indonesia?

Where can I buy the Aulora Kodenshi pants in Indonesia?

In this article, I will answer the questions above.

Aulora Pants for fitness

What is Aulora Pants?

Aulora Pants is a health and wellness compression pants made with a special type of material known as Kodenshi from Japan.

For more information, click the image below to watch the introduction video on YouTube.

Aulora Pants Indonesia

To learn more on the science behind Kodenshi, please click on the link below to read the other article published on this blog.

[What Is Kodenshi Fiber And How Does It Work?]

The key benefits of the Aulora Pants are to help improve your body blood circulation and keep your body warm.

This is made possible because the Kodenshi material incorporates ultra-fine ceramic particles in the fiber strands.

The ceramic particles are so fine they cannot be seen with our naked eye.

When you put on a pair of Aulora Pants, the pants material touches your skin and it will absorb your body heat.

When the ultra-fine ceramic particles are heated by your body temperature, they will emit far infrared ray (FIR).

According to Wikipedia, FIR is a type of radiant heat which can penetrate up to almost 4 cm or 1.5 inches beneath our skin.

Therefore, when you are wearing the Aulora Pants the FIR will reach all the way to your joints, muscles and internal organs and you will experience beneficial health effect.

BE International

Firstly, know that the company BE International is a registered direct sales company located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

BE International has it’s international branch office and distribution channel in Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong.

In the month of June 2022, BE International Indonesia officially opened for business.

The registered BE International company in Indonesia is PT BEI International Marketing (Co. No. 9120004170023).

BE International being a Malaysia based company with global aspiration is a member of reputable direct selling industry association such as:

  • Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)
  • Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS)
  • Indonesian Direct Selling Association (APLI)
BE International APLI

The above is an official notice issued by BE International.

3rd party online marketplaces

I have Indonesian visitors to my blog asked me, can they buy the Aulora Pants from online marketplaces such as Blibli, Tokopedia, JD, OLX, Bukalapak, Lazada, Shopee, etc in Indonesia?

If you are located in Indonesia, my recommendation is for you to register as a member of BE International and purchase direct from the company.

If you were to buy the Aulora Pants on 3rd party online marketplaces, you may unknowingly buying a fake, imitation, used or pre-owned product.

BE International has received many complains from the public.

Therefore the company has issued a Solemn Declaration below to warn the public not to purchase any of its product from online marketplaces.

Solemn Declaration

Pants pricing

What is the Aulora Pants selling price in Indonesia?

There are 2 pricing for the Aulora Pants which are the Retail Price (non member) and also Distributor Price (member price).

If you want to know the Aulora Pants retail price in Indonesia, you can check out BE International Indonesia official Aulora Pants product webpage.

What is the Aulora Pants member price in Indonesia?

To know the member pricing, you would have to register as a member of BE International Indonesia.

Member registration

How to register a BE International Indonesia member account?

If you are Indonesia nationality or Indonesia Permanent Resident (PR), you can use the BE4U self service member registration system.

You will need a sponsor or referrer to send to you the member registration link.

After you’ve registered and received your member ID number, you can download the BE4U app to manage your member account.

BE4U application

Above is a screen capture of the BE4U app which you can download for free from Google Playstore, Huawei AppGallery and Apple Appstore.

Before you order the Aulora Pants, you will need to know which pants size is suitable for you.

To do that, you have to take your waist and hip measurements in CM.

Your waist measurement is to be taken at your elbow level.

Next, use the size chart below as a guide.

Aulora Pants Size Chart

In side the BE4U app, you can select which Aulora Pants type and size to purchase.

Enter the delivery address within Indonesia and the system will automatically calculate the total amount plus the delivery charges in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR).

To process your order, your payment can be made using your credit card within the app.

Would you like to register a BE International Indonesia member account?

If you do, please click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will assist you.

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