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The Aulora Socks with Kodenshi is the one of the far infrared ray (FIR) emitting garment from the Aulora Series from BE International.

BE International is a registered direct marketing company located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company also has its international branch offices in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

BE International is the company that brought to you the highly popular and multi-award winning Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Kodenshi socks
Aulora Socks with Kodenshi for women and men

In this article, I thought of sharing some information about the Kodenshi socks and what it can do for you.

The Kodenshi fabric technology

Firstly, what is Kodenshi?

Kodenshi is a garment fiber technology from Japan.

In the manufacturing process, ultra-fine ceramic particles are integrated into the fiber.

It is these ultra-fine ceramics particles that generates the far infrared rays (FIR).

[What Is Kodenshi Fiber And How Does It Work?]

How small are the ceramic particles?

The diameter of the particles are 0.3 µm. It other words, the particles are smaller than the red blood cells in our body.

The Kodenshi fabric actually works with skin contact.

When the material touches your skin, it will absorb your body heat and emits the far infrared rays.

The FIR are harmless to our body because it is emitted from a natural source which is ceramic stones.

Ceramic stones
Natural ceramic stones

One of the benefits of FIR is its ability to improve our blood circulation.

When you have better blood flow, you will experience many health benefits.

Check out the article in the link below on the benefits of good blood circulation.

[6 Benefits Of Good Blood Circulation In Our Body]

Since the Aulora Socks is to be worn on your feet, in the following section, I will share the benefits of better blood circulation at your feet.

The importance of feet health

Do your feet often feel ice cold?

Do you experience frequent swelling and cramping in your feet and leg?

Are you unable to walk for a few minutes without having pain in your calves and legs?

If you’ve experienced some of the symptoms mentioned above, most probably you have poor blood circulation at your feet.

The following are some additional symptoms of poor blood circulation at your feet level:

  • Feeling tired or fatigue and cramping during physical activity
  • Muscle cramp during inactivity
  • Swelling and achiness
  • Tingling sensation at your foot
  • Persistent coldness

What are the causes of poor blood circulation at your feet?

Some of the causes are:

  • Smoking of tobacco
  • Lack of regular exercise of physical activity
  • Improper or unhealthy diet
  • Sitting or standing in one place for too long

I found the following Self Assessment Quiz on to determine if you have poor blood circulation on your feet. It is a simple 5 question assessment.

1) Are my toes red, purple, or blue?

2) Do I have unexplained hair loss on my legs and feet?

3) Are my feet and hands often excessively cool?

4) Do my feet “fall asleep” easily?

5) Do my feet feel better if I hang them over the edge of my bed?

If you answered Yes to any of the above question, it shows you have poor blood circulation at your feet and legs.

How do you overcome blood circulation issue at your feet level?

The following are some recommendation:

As per the last recommendation, this is where the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi can help.

Introducing the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi

In this section, I will share some information about the Aulora Socks.

Firstly, the Aulora Socks is fully designed and made in Japan.

The socks were made using a unique weaving and stitching method. It is available for both Women and Men.

Aulora Socks
Aulora Socks for Women & Men

Apart from the Kodenshi fiber, the socks are also made with ultra-stretchy fibre for easy wearing.

The unique weaving method provides a better stretching and tightening effect.

Both the women and men sock design have the right amount of compression pressure for the feet.

The special compression elements was designed to support your foot. The additional support will help to re-energise your fatigue and achy feet.

Aulora Socks with Kodenshi
Aulora Socks with Kodenshi on display

Because men’s feet tend to sweat more, the men socks has a special moisture-wicking properties.

In addition, cotton Rayon material was used together with mesh weaving to provide better airing property to keep your feet cool and dry at all times.

The men socks also has a more gentle compression pressure specially designed to reduce the stuffiness of men’s feet.

Aulora Socks functions and benefits

What are the function and benefits of the Kodenshi socks? The functions are listed below:

  1. Pair with the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi for a harmonious look.
  2. Same weaving patent as the Aulora Pants therefore it is light and comfortable.
  3. Medium pressure specially designed for women swollen feet problem.
  4. Promote blood circulation of foot.
  5. Keeps your feet cool and dry.
  6. Prevents smelly feet.
  7. Support foot arch.
  8. Reenergize fatigued and achy feet.
  9. Gentle pressure to reduce stuffiness of men feet.

Aulora Socks types and sizes

What are the available sizes?

The table below are the Aulora Socks sizes for both women and men.

Aulora Socks sizes

When choosing your socks size, just follow the shoe size you are currently wearing.

Note: In May 2020, the Aulora Pants together with the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi won the Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Awards 2019 for the Wellness Award.

How to wash the Aulora Socks?

The washing instruction for the Aulora Socks is actually the same as the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

To learn the correct washing method, please click the link below.

[How To Wash Aulora Pants & Aulora Socks The Right Way?]

How to buy Aulora Socks?

What is the Aulora Sock retail price in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia?

You can check the socks retail price from BE International corporate web page.

If you want to know the Aulora Socks member price, you would have to register as a member of BE International to view the member selling price for the respective countries.

To learn all the member’s benefits, please check out the article below.

[6 Amazing BE International Membership Benefits]

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope my sharing above has been helpful for you.

Before I end this article, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog.

The content above are for information and educational purposes only.

Please do your own due diligence to find the answer you are looking for.

If you are not sure, consult and medical professional.

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    • Lynn 11/12/2020 at 10:32 am - Reply

      Hi Jevin. The main benefits of wearing the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi is help to improve blood circulation at your feet area. Wearing the socks, it can help to relieve tired and achy feet.

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