Breaking Down the Numbers: Malaysia’s Top MLM Companies 2024

Thank you for reading this article. My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My husband and I are full time MLM business builder since 2017. Currently, we have over 230 frontline members that we have personally sponsored into our business that is generating over RM12,000.00 every month.

Mommy Lynn

Above is a picture of me taken at a kimchi making workshop in Seoul, South Korea.

In this article, I will share with you the top MLM companies in Malaysia for the year 2024 with some industry data.

From my experience, I know that in building a network marketing business, it is very important for you to choose the right MLM company in Malaysia.

By partnering with the right company, you’ve already achieved 50% success in your journey.

What is the best MLM company to join in Malaysia if you are planning to build a network marketing business?

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Market size

How big is the direct selling industry in Malaysia?

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), a leading international, non-governmental, voluntary organization representing the global direct selling industry in more than 170 countries fact sheet, Malaysia was ranked number 7 globally in term of total sales generated.

For the year 2020, the total sales from the Malaysian direct selling industry was USD6.97 billion!

As per the statistic from WFDSA, the top 10 direct selling markets in the world are:

1) United States (USD40.1 Billion)
2) China (USD19.18 Billion)
3) Germany (USD17.96 Billion)
4) Korea (USD17.74 Billion)
5) Japan (USD15.41 Billion)
6) Brazil (USD8.25 Billion)
7) Malaysia (USD6.97 Billion)
8) Mexico (USD5.27 Billion)
9) France (USD5.13 Billion)
10) Taiwan, China (USD4.46 Billion)

Top 10 direct selling market

Direct selling companies

As per the latest data from Malaysia Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA), the direct sales industry in Malaysia for the year 2021 is projected to breach RM26 Billion!

DSAM data

In 2021, there are 4.5 Million registered direct selling distributors in Malaysia.

In the year 2020, the number was 4.3 Million.

Out of 4.5 Million distributors:

  • 23% are full time
  • 26% part time
  • 27% inactive
  • 24% under Others category

My husband and I are under the 23% full time direct selling distributor category.

Which company generated the highest sales number in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, there are thousands of companies that has the Lesen Jualan Langsung or direct selling license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

There are also countless companies that are operating without a legit direct selling license.

With so many licensed companies, how do you choose the right company to partner with?

Most large and licensed direct selling companies are registered member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM).

The last I counted, there are more than 130 companies who are registered member of DSAM.

The list of DSAM members are:

  • AG Nutrition International
  • Agape Superior Living
  • Always Remember Sdn Bhd (Asili)
  • AM Life International
  • AMC Allied Metalcraft
  • Americ
  • Amway
  • Ana Edar
  • Ant Builder Concept Sdn Bhd (ABC)
  • Annkang Wellness
  • Ascend 1
  • ASEA Redox
  • Asia Herbal Biotech
  • Atomy
  • Avon Cosmetics
  • BE International
  • Best World Lifestyle (BWL)
  • Biing Han
  • Brilliant Point (BPI)
  • Cadware Pioneer (CW)
  • CenGreen Global
  • Chini Enterprise
  • ChungHo Nais
  • CNI Enterprise
  • Conforer Global
  • Cosway
  • Coway
  • Creative Dreams International
  • Cuckoo International
  • DCR Marketing
  • De Ocean International
  • Decho Bio International
  • Diamond Interest
  • Dijomaa
  • Doterra
  • DXN Marketing
  • Edmark
  • Edutex Trading
  • Elken
  • Elo Water
  • Enagic
  • Excellent Household Resources
  • Extend My Network
  • Fitline PM International
  • Flantech Asia
  • Forever Living Products
  • Forlife Research 4Life
  • Gano Excel
  • Goodarch
  • Greaten Bridge
  • Grolier
  • HDI Network
  • Healthy Futures
  • Healthy Homes (Rainbow)
  • Healthy Way
  • Herbalife
  • Home Direct Shopping
  • I-Linkage Nutric
  • IMC Healthcare
  • Immeri
  • Infinitus International
  • Jeunesse Global
  • Just Essentials
  • K-Link International
  • Kyani
  • KZ1 Global
  • Leroy International
  • LG PuriCare
  • Lifepharm
  • LifeWave
  • Longrich Bioscience
  • Luxor
  • Manamana International
  • Market Malaysia Shop (
  • Mary Kay
  • Max Health & Living
  • Max Pine
  • MD Dermatics
  • Meiziya International
  • MOI Worldwide
  • Morinda
  • MPI Multi-Pure
  • N.Z. New Image
  • Natural Health Farm (NHF)
  • Nefful
  • NHTC Wellness Product (NHT Global)
  • Norwex
  • Nu Skin
  • ODC International
  • ODO
  • Ola Beleza (Natura)
  • Omni AAA
  • OMX Nutrition
  • One Green Solution (Sollife)
  • Optimo International
  • Perfect Pentagon
  • Personal Collection
  • PHHP Marketing
  • Pure N Fresh (PureNFresh)
  • Qnet
  • Reliv International
  • Return Legacy
  • Revell Global
  • Richnergy International (Rich Legacy)
  • Riway
  • Sachaway
  • Sahajidah Hai-O
  • Shaklee
  • Shuang Hor
  • Siang Hin
  • Singer
  • SK Networks Retails (SK Magic)
  • Stemey
  • Stemtech
  • Stolle
  • Successmore Being
  • Sunrider International
  • Superlife Worldwide
  • Swisderm International
  • Synergy Worldwide
  • Tasly
  • TDC
  • Thanks Ai
  • Tiens Health Development (Tiens)
  • Total Reach (NewLife)
  • Totalife
  • Total Life Renew
  • True Mix
  • Tupperware
  • UGS Network
  • UHS Essential Health (USANA)
  • Unicity
  • Vasayo
  • Vii Nutrition
  • Viva Life Science
  • VMAlife
  • Wealthy Pentagon (Easecox)
  • W Myths International
  • Worldwellness Network
  • YMR International
  • Young Living
  • Zhulian
  • Zinzino
  • 27 Venture (Twenty7)

If you are thinking of starting your career as a professional network marketer, you may be looking for the best MLM company to join.

Out of the more than 130 members of DSAM, which is the best direct sales company in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to answer the above question because the information needed are not available.

What we can do is indirectly determine which is the top company based on the info shared by DSAM.

With that, I will be using the Direct Seller Malaysia magazine published by DSAM.

On the Issue 1 for the year 2022, one company was featured on the front cover of the magazine and that is BE International.

Direct Seller Magazine

Incidentally, BE International is the company that my husband and I partnered with since December 2017.

I believe there is a reason why BE International was chosen by DSAM among all its 130 plus members to be featured on its magazine with a complete write up about the company.

What is so special and unique about BE International?

A good MLM company needs more than good products and a good marketing plan.

It needs to have the essential pillars for success.

Let me explain…

Essential pillars

As per the data from WFDSA, we know that direct selling is a huge industry in Malaysia.

To take advantage of the BIG demand in direct sales in Malaysia, you need to partner with the right company.

In the following section, I will share with you 6 essential pillars of top Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company you should look out for when you are choosing the right company for your business.

The list below is based on my experience building a successful network locally and internationally.

1) The company founder

The first essential pillar you should consider when you are choosing a direct sales company is the company founder.

Is the founder himself or herself from the direct sales or MLM background?

Key to success

I am referring to the company founder, not the CEO or professional manager hired to run the company.

If the direct sales company is one of the founder’s many businesses, this is a red warning flag and you should avoid this company.

If the founder has only invested money to start the direct sales company and has never led a large and successful network of independent distributors or agents before, you should move on and keep on looking for another direct sales company to partner with.

Reason being, the founder started the company for the sole purpose to make money. But when business is tough or he is not getting his expected Return on Investment (ROI), he will start cost cutting measures.

Cost cutting will affect the quality of the product and support services and ultimately it will affect your commission also.

[MLM Founder’s Commitment During MCO In Malaysia]

2) The product

The second essential pillar is the product offered by the direct sales company.

A direct sales company would have a couple of products in their catalogue. To build a successful network marketing business, all you’ll need is 1 core product from the company.

The core product from the company must be something different with its own Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

When you are evaluating the product from the direct sales company, preferably it should a blue ocean product.

Blue Ocean Strategy book

Blue ocean product is a concept from the book Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

A blue ocean product is when a company has created a new market space where there are no equivalent competitors.

When there is a high demand with low or no competitors in the market, it makes building your network marketing business so much easier.

3) The marketing plan

The third essential pillar you should look for is the company’s marketing plan.

From my experience, a traditional unilevel MLM marketing plan is the most ideal.

The marketing plan should offer seamless sponsoring for members all around the world.

The marketing plan should be fair meaning those that put in the hard work in building their network should enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The marketing plan should also have no drop in ranking.

When you advance to a certain ranking in your business, you should not have a drop in ranking if you don’t have production for the month.

This is to prevent the independent agent having to stock up unnecessarily every month just to maintain his or her ranking in the business.

4) The education system

The fourth essential pillar you should look out for is the training and education system offered by the direct sales company.

Most people that started a network marketing has no idea how to build the business.

The case in point is myself. I have never done any multi level marketing business before. That is why when I first got started in the business, I needed a lot of training.

A direct selling company that you wanted to partner with must have a proper education system.

The training has to cover not only product knowledge, it should provide sales, communication and leadership training as well.

Preferably, the training should be available on both online and offline settings.

The training should also be easily duplicable in order to train new team members in your network.

5) The business culture

The fifth essential pillar is the culture within the company and network.

Are the leaders in the network supporting and helping each other?

Are the uplines helping the downline?

How are the relationship between sidelines?

Is everyone helping and supporting each other?

How would you know if a direct sales company has a good culture?

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Above is a picture of my MLM family when we travelled together to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea back in February 2023.

Before you really commit to build your network marketing business with a particular MLM company, I would suggest you attend some of the offline and online meetings and meet with the leaders.

Doing so, you will get a feel of the culture within the company and network.

If you have a gut feeling that there is something not right with the culture, by all means, move on from the company.

6) Using technology

The sixth essential pillar is the utilisation of technology.

If a MLM company is not using technology in its business operation, it is an outdated company and soon will be left behind by its competitors.

What should you look out for in terms of technology utilisation within the company?

The company should have a professional website and custom mobile application for its agents.

The website and app have to be linked to the company’s finance department, warehouse processing, inventory tracking, customer service ticketing system etc.

In terms of marketing, the company should have social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse, TikTok etc.


There you have it, the 6 essential pillars a successful MLM company in Malaysia you should look out for before you decide to partner with them for your network marketing business.

The pillars above are ESSENTIAL and a MLM company you want to partner with should not be missing any one of the pillars.

From my experience, if the company is missing any of the essential pillar, any success you have with your network marketing business is only temporary.

I am fortunate that the MLM company that I partnered with, BE International has all the essential pillars.

To have long term success in your business, make sure the company you decide to partner with has all the essential pillars mentioned above.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was useful for you.

If you’re already in Network Marketing and getting nowhere or you are looking for a better direct sales company, reach out to us.

My husband and I cannot build the business for you but we can show you how thousands of others Independent Business Owner have used the BE International business opportunity to create great wealth for themselves and their families.

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