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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Mommy Lynn.

In this page, I thought of sharing some information about myself.

Aulora Pants Light Brown

I am full time mummy and also full time home business owner.

Full time mummy

Firstly, I am a homemaker, a wife, a mommy of two lovely girls who like to cook and bake for her family with love and passion.

Well, my “grandfather story” begins with my first pregnancy.

Get ready of your popcorn and hopefully you don’t fall asleep in the half way…hahaha.

During my first pregnancy in year 2012, I quit my high pay job as PA to Managing Directors cum HR Executive in order to get more rest at home due to severe morning sickness in the first 3 months.

My hubby, my parents and I felt very happy at the same time have to be very careful in my daily diet for the nutrients intake.

However due to the pregnancy hormone changes appear in the first trimester and peaking in the second trimester, I was craving of spicy foods like tomyum, penang asam laksa, nasi lemak, and curry.

My mom who is always a good cook to me, cooked those spicy foods that I was craving of especially her penang asam laksa; to me it is the best penang asam laksa that I ever had.

Most of the time if I didn’t go to my parents’ house, I would cook simple yet healthy dishes for myself and hubby instead of having them in the restaurants because we were more concern of the MSG seasonings in those outside foods.

My favourite homecook dishes like grilled chicken (less oil), steamed fish, stir fry green leafy veggies with garlic except broccoli which I couldn’t take it at all. Once I saw it, smell it, and taste it; I wanna vomit and loss appetite.

I took my gynae advice and did a lot of walking and swimming during my pregnancy.

My hubby and I would go for evening walk almost everyday and went to swim on weekend.

We believed that exercises can ease the labour and tends to have shorter labour.

We were counting down to my due date and looking forward to welcome our first baby.

Finally, my “born” day, my baby’s birthday fell on 39th week of my pregnancy.

The moment I saw my baby girl, I fell in love with her.

However, being a first time mother was not easy indeed it was a challenging task from bathing, breastfeeding, changing diapers, and putting my baby into sleep.

Because of this, I got postpartum depression which lasted for six months.

I was so emotional and I couldn’t control my tears whenever I breastfed my baby.

Thanks to my mom and hubby who give me support and keep me company.

Two years later, I gave birth to my second baby girl in 2014.

Once again, the whole process of the challenging task took place.

Mother of two, one toddler and one infant, and as a homemaker was really a huge challenge for me at that time.

My girls

Besides cooking and taking care of my two girls, I had to manage most of the household affairs. 24 hours per day isn’t enough for me….I wish that the time just stop there and I would be able to complete my daily household tasks.

Huh….time flies and I am very grateful and proud to be a mom, a housemaker which is the world’s toughest job…unlimited hours, no breaks yet I am able to accompany my children going through the stages in their childhood development.

I can feel my mom and I wanna thanks my mom for her sacrifices to the family.

With the accumulated years of trial and error experiences in cooking and parenting, I would like to share my cooking recipes, parenting knowledge and tips with all the lovely mommies out there at my website.

Full time home business owner

Apart from being a full time mummy, I am also a full time home business owner.

As a woman, I believe in financial independence. I don’t want to fully rely on my husband financially. I also want to contribute to my family economically and financially.

That was the reason I’ve decided to start a home business.

Back then, I thought to myself,, “What business should I start?“.

That question lead me to actively trying different business approach both online and offline.

I did a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time. 

My lucky break came in November 2017 when I was introduced to my current business mentor and coach.

From my mentor’s coaching and guidance, I realised that I should not be doing everything by myself.

I was advised to partner with a company that can provide me a platform to support my home business.

That was when I was referred to BE International Marketing.

BE is providing me a wide range of high quality product imported from USA, Japan and Korea. The company is also helping me with product delivery to my customers. 

Using BE platform, it has freed me to focus on the most important part of my home business which is “marketing”

I am now an active Independent Business Owner (IBO) of BE International Marketing. My IBO Code is MY43660295.

So far, there were a lot of ups and downs in my business. But I am willing to learn from my mistakes and keep moving.

As of today, I have achieved a certain level of success in the business and I am totally grateful to my business mentor and the support from BE International.

Now, my husband is also joining me to build our business together.

My journey begins

Intensive Training 1.0

28/1/2018 – Me and my husband attending the first Intensive Training 1.0.

BE International Recognition Event

7/7/2018 – Me at my first BE International recognition event.

Home Party in Penang

18/8/2018 – Me doing a product presentation at a home meeting in Penang.

Maqnifiq Product Roadshow

20/8/2018 – Attending Maqnifiq collagen drink product roadshow at Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya.

English Intensive Training 1.0

3/9/2018 – Completed the English Intensive Training 1.0 class. I am siting in the front row, second from right. My husband sitting next to me was one of the speaker.

BE Convention

8/9/2018 – Attending company major convention at Setia Alam.

Aulora Pants Johor Bahru Team

29/9/2018 – Attended the Independent Business Owner (IBO) training class in Johor Bahru. I am standing at the back row far right. 7 of my business associates from JB and Singapore attended the class.

Me with Karen Leong

10/10/2018 – Me with one of BE International founder, Karen Leong. Picture was taken during 2018 company incentive trip to Hokkaido, Japan.

TY message

30/10/2018 – TY, one of BE International top IBO sharing a very kind message about my journey in the business. Thank you TY!

My BE Family

4/11/2018 – Me and BE leaders at a training event in KL.

Shiruto leaders intro

4/12/2018 – Attended the Shiruto product intro and training for leaders at BE International HQ.

Meeting Huey Chuin

4/12/2018 – Meeting Ho Huey Chuin, one of BE International founder after a training session at HQ.

JB Training Dec18

8/12/2018 – Conducting training for my business associates in Johor Bahru.

Lee Suet Sen & Mommy Lynn

16/3/2019 – Meeting Ir Lee Suet Sen, one of BE International founder.


11/4/2019 – Me at Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA) Conference 2019.

STAR Recognition 2019

13/4/2019 – STAR Award Recognition Night 2019

BE International Trip to Melbourne

10/5/2019 – My husband with 2 of BE International founders, Ir Lee Suet Sen and Ho Huey Chuin at company incentive trip to Melbourne, Australia.

Me, Hubby with Karen Leong

2/6/2019 – Me and my husband with Karen Leong (one of BE International founder) at BE Health Seminar.

Me, Hubby and Suet Sen

2/6/2019 – Me and my husband with Ir Lee Suet Sen (one of BE International founder) at BE Health Seminar.

BE Convention 2019

7/9/2019 – Red carpet treatment for me and my husband at BE Convention 2019.

BE Car Fund & House Fund

7/9/2019 – At BE Convention 2019 Car Fund and House Fund achievers waiting area.

With BE International founders

7/9/2019 – Me and my husband with 2 of BE International founders, Ir Lee Suet Sen and Ho Huey Chuin at BE Convention 2019.

BE Convention 20 19 with Karen Leong

7/9/2019 – Me and my husband with Karen Leong (one of BE International founder) at BE Convention 2019.

JOB Workshop

19/9/2019 – Facilitating the Journey of Beauty Workshop.

BE Dubai Trip

2/11/2019 – Me at BE International incentive trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

BE Brunei grand opening

24/11/2019 – Me at BE International Brunei Grand Opening, Radisson Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

Public speaking training

7/12/2019 – Attending the Public Speaking Training event organised by BE International.

MMT Appreciation

12/12/2019 – Me and my husband attending the Meeting Management Team (MMT) Appreciation night.

Befil talk

19/12/2019 – My husband giving a talk on Befil heart health formulation at BE International Singapore office.

BE Traveller Campaign

6/3/2020 – Me and my husband starting our 2020 BE a World Traveller Campaign to Istanbul, Turkey.

BE Osaka

15/9/2020 – After qualifying for the trip to Istanbul, Turkey, me and my husband are now starting our 2020 BE a World Traveller Campaign to Osaka, Japan.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp.

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