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Thank you for visiting Mommy Lynn Blog. My name is Loh Chia Lin and my online persona is Mommy Lynn.

Mommy Lynn

In this page, I thought of sharing some information about myself.

Be Good, Do Well

Sometimes, doing well isn’t enough.

If is only by being good, and doing good, that we achieve a true sense of success and fulfilment.

Back in the year 2010, I was working as a Human Resource Manager for an office equipment manufacturing company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The following year I resigned from my job and got married to my husband.

The year after that, we had our first child.

2 years later, we had our second child.

In a blink of an eye, 6 years have gone by.

That was how long I became a full time housewife and mother before I decided to start my own home based business.

As a woman, I believe in financial independence. I don’t want to fully rely on my husband financially.

I also want to contribute to my family economically and financially.

Back then, I thought to myself,, “What business should I start?“.

That question lead me to actively trying different business approach both online and offline.

I did a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time. 

My lucky break came in November 2017 when I was introduced to my current business mentor and coach.

From my mentor’s coaching and guidance, I realised that I should not be doing everything by myself.

I was advised to partner with a company that can provide me a platform to support my home business.

That was when I was introduced to BE International.

My husband and I are currently an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with BE International.

Our IBO Code is MY43660295.

As of the year 2020, we have achieved the ranking of Crown Council Ambassador (CCA) with BE International

Mommy Lynn CCA

The above is the recognition my husband and I received when we reached the CCA ranking with BE International.

We are the couple on the left of the picture.

You can see the recognition post on BE Official Facebook Page, the BE Legend here.

The reason we love the BE business is because it offers a platform for us to be good and do well.

“Beyond Eternity (BE) strives to be a business that doesn’t just make business sense, but one that makes an impact on the lives of everyone it touches, now and far into the future.

At our core, we believe in order to do well and have all the success, prosperity and freedom we deserve, we must first, simply, be the best we can be, in a way that is good for ourselves, our loved ones, the community and the world at large.”

We believe in what BE believes in.

We want to be the best we can be, in a way that is good for ourselves, our love ones, our community and the world at large.

Our journey begins

In the following section, I will share our journey with BE.

Intensive Training 1.0

28/1/2018 – Me and my husband attending the first Intensive Training 1.0.

BE International Recognition Event

7/7/2018 – Me at my first BE International recognition event.

Home Party in Penang

18/8/2018 – Me doing a product presentation at a home meeting for my business partner in Penang.

English Intensive Training 1.0

3/9/2018 – Completed the English Intensive Training 1.0 class. I am siting in the front row, second from right. My husband sitting next to me was one of the speaker.

Aulora Pants Johor Bahru Team

29/9/2018 – Attended the Independent Business Owner (IBO) training class in Johor Bahru. I am standing at the back row far right. 7 of my business associates from Johor Bahru and Singapore attended the class.

My BE Family

4/11/2018 – Me and BE leaders at a training event in Kuala Lumpur.

JB Training Dec18

8/12/2018 – Conducting training for my business associates in Johor Bahru.

BE Car Fund & House Fund

7/9/2019 – When you work hard at building the business, one of the reward is the Car Fund offered by the company.

BE Brunei grand opening

24/11/2019 – Above is me at BE International Brunei Grand Opening, Radisson Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

The above picture is from BE International Official Corporate website in the BE Brunei Grand Opening picture gallery.

MLM leader in Malaysia

7/12/2020 – Above is me doing a business opportunity presentation using Zoom during the pandemic lockdown.

Product presentation

28/12/2020 – Above is me doing a product presentation using Zoom for one of my business associate.

Offline meeting

19/3/2021 – Offline meetings are important to build a network marketing business. Above picture is me, my business mentor and 2 ladies excited to join our team.

Zoom teaching session

26/3/2021 – Late night teaching session on Zoom with my business associates.

Having Zoom meeting

27/9/2021 – Monday morning when both my daughters are having online classes and occupying the work and dining table, I had to setup and do Zoom meeting on my bed.

Home party presentation

13/11/2021 – Doing a home party product and business opportunity presentation at downline’s home in Kulai, Johor.

BOS Jakarta

6/8/2022 – Attending the first Business Owner Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia.

CCA Chia Lin

26/2/2023 – I was invited to be one of the BE career sharer at Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel. Click the image above to watch the video on YouTube.

Mommy Lynn Mandarin speaker

9/1/2024 – I was invited to be the Mandarin product speaker at BE Head Office at Bukit Jalil, KL.

My name CCA Loh Chia Lin was featured in the BE International Hong Kong website for the January 2024 Weekly Meeting schedule.

I was asked my BE Management to give a presentation on the Belixz SlendGlow and Slendezmeal product in Mandarin.

Apart from this blog, I also have presence on other social media platform:

If you believe in the concept of be the best you can be, in a way that is good for yourself, your love ones, your community and the world at large, please click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp because I would love to work with you.

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