Aulora Panties Review – Kodenshi Sexy Underwear

The Aulora Panties with Kodenshi is a brand new product range from BE International Marketing.

Aulora Panties with Kodenshi

The women panty was launched together with the Aulora Boxer with Kodenshi for men on 13th August 2019.

The Aulora Panties is now available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Brunei.

What is so special about the panties?

Firstly, the Aulora Panty is made using the same Kodenshi fiber as the highly popular Aulora Pants, the number one health and wellness pants in Malaysia.

If you want to know what is Kodenshi fiber, please click on the link below to learn more.

[What Is Kodenshi Fiber And How Does It Work?]

When I first started to promote the Aulora Pants back in March 2018, I have many customers that asked me whether they should wear underwear when wearing the compression pants.

I told them yes, they should wear underwear when wearing the Aulora Pants for hygienic purposes.

Since the Kodenshi fiber works on skin contact to absorb our body heat to release the far infrared ray (FIR), if we were to wear underwear, wouldn’t it prevent skin contact with our buttock and lower tummy area?

Will it reduce the effectiveness of the pants?

The answer is yes, wearing underwear when wearing the Aulora Pants will definitely reduce the Kodenshi material skin contact with our body. However, I don’t think it will reduce the effectiveness of the pants.

The main benefit of the pants is to help improve our body blood circulation. Since it is a full length pants, the Kodenshi fabric skin contact on our legs is more than enough to help improve our blood circulation.

With the launching of the Aulora Panties, now you will have full skin contact of the Kodenshi fabric with our lower body.

Aulora Underwear

4 benefits of the Aulora Panties

The following are 4 benefits of the Aulora Panties:

1) Made with Kodenshi fiber

As mentioned above, the panties is made with Kodenshi fiber for a wellness and comfort touch.

Since it is an underwear, the effect of the FIR is targeted more at our pelvic area and our private part.

2) Hygiene technology

The panties is made with anti-bacteria and anti-odour capabilities. Meaning the panties won’t cause skin itchiness or smelling bad.

3) 3D shaping sewing

The panties is made with advance 3D design and sewing technique for a perfect total fitting. It is gentle and comfortable on your skin for all day wear.

4) Everlasting touch of comfort

The panties is comfortable and airy with breathable flow.

Aulora Panties stunning sexy lace design

At a closer look, you’ll notice the Aulora Panties has a stunning lace pattern. It has exquisite curve design for a sexier and seducing outlook.

The panties also comes with superior crotch section design for optimum intimate care.

For our buttock area, it has perfect lifting and support for total comfort.

At the waist area, the panties has artistic lace waistband design for a smooth fit and breathable experience without trace. Check out the sexy lacy design of the panties in the picture below.

Aulora Panties Lace Design

Aulora Panties size chart

What are the different sizes of the Aulora Panties?

If you are currently wearing a pair of Aulora Pants, the way you choose the panties is by following your current pants size.

If you don’t know which size is suitable for you, you can use the size chart below as a guide.

Aulora Panties Size Chart

How to buy Aulora Panties?

If you are interested to get the Aulora Panties with Kodenshi, you can register as a member of BE International and buy it direct from the company.

Check out the article below on how to register a member account.

[How To Register BE International Member Account To Buy Aulora Panties]

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