Aulora Pants Review – 7 Astonishing Benefits Of The Kodenshi Pants

Thank you for visiting Mommy Lynn Blog. My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is one of the very first article I published on this blog.

I wrote this article back in December 2017 sharing my personal experience wearing the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International.

How time flies!

I feel as if it was only yesterday I got my first pair of my Aulora Pants.

The above picture was taken in early 2024.

Yes, I am still wearing the Aulora Pants and I’ve bought a few more pairs of the Kodenshi pants for my collection.

Quick update, for the last six years plus, my waist measurement and my weight have remained the same…thanks to the Aulora Pants.

What’s more, I do not experience back ache and leg cramps anymore.

The Aulora Pants has been a blessing for me and my family.

The challenges

As of today, the challenges of being a women is still the same.

All of us want to be healthy, stay slim and look beautiful.

If you have given birth, it is very difficult for a women to get back her body figure before she had her baby

I know because I am mother with 2 daughters age 10 and 12 years old.

In the past, in order to stay slim, I have tried dieting and exercise program but the results were not very encouraging.

I am a full-time mother running a home based business together with my husband.

Because of my motherly responsibilities at home such as getting my kids ready for school, cooking, cleaning and many more, I don’t really have much free time to exercise.

Apart from having limited free time, I also had constant back and shoulder pain and leg cramps.

My back and shoulder pain were caused by me having breastfed my youngest daughter for more than 36 months.

Because of the breastfeeding position and me constantly carrying my daughter, I had developed a chronic lower and upper back pain.

OK, I had constant back pain and I also would like to slim down but I don’t have the time to exercise.

Was there a solution which can solve my problems?

Luckily there was…it is the far infrared rays (FIR) emitting garment from Japan known as Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Me wearing the black Aulora Pants with Kodenshi

The picture above is me wearing my Classic Black Aulora Pants back in 2017.

Aulora Series

In this section, I will share some information about the pants.

Firstly, know that the Aulora Pants is one of the product from the Aulora Series with Kodenshi.

The Aulora Series consist of:

The Aulora Pants is the most popular item from the Aulora Series.

What is so special about the Aulora Pants?

To learn more about the pants, watch the product introduction video below.

The Aulora Pants exclusive brand owner is BE International.

BE International is a licensed direct to consumer company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a Malaysia based company with international growth aspiration, BE International has its branch offices and distribution channel in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

What is the benefit of wearing the Aulora Pants?

The benefit of wearing the Aulora Pants is help to improve our body blood circulation.

The technology used within the Aulora Pants to help improve our blood circulation is none other then the Kodenshi fiber from Japan.

In the section below, I will share with you what is Kodenshi.

Kodenshi fiber

What is the secret behind the Aulora Pants? The secret is in the material it was made with.

The pants is made using a special fiber known as Kodenshi from Japan.

The manufacturing process Kodenshi uses state-of-the-art technology to integrate ultra-fine ceramic particles into the fiber.

Ceramic stones, being a natural material will radiate far infrared rays (FIR) when it is heated.

FIR is safe and natural and it has the ability to penetrate deep into our skin.

What is the energy source for the Kodenshi fiber? How is it heated?

Kodenshi Fiber

The energy source used to heat up the ultra-fine ceramic particles in the Kodenshi material is our own body heat.

When the Aulora Pants material touches your skin, it will absorb your body heat and the ceramic particles in the fiber will emit the far infrared rays.

One of the benefits of FIR is its ability to improve your blood circulation.

According to the Oriental Remedies Group website:

“Far-Infrared expands capillaries which stimulate increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygen delivery.”

Blood circulation

In this section, I thought of writing on the circulatory system.

Before you read further, as a disclaimer, I do not have any medical background.

The reason I wrote this article is to share what I’ve learnt from the Aulora Series product catalog.

Some of the information I got it from my online research and reading from trusted and reputable web pages.

I will include links to my information sources for your reference.

If you have any serious illnesses, please consult with a medical doctors to get their professional opinion.

The information I am sharing is for learning and educational purposes only.

What is the circulatory system and what does it do?

According to Cleveland Clinic website:

“The circulatory system (cardiovascular system) pumps blood from the heart to the lungs to get oxygen.

The heart then sends oxygenated blood through arteries to the rest of the body.

The veins carry oxygen-poor blood back to the heart to start the circulation process over.”

In a layman term, our circulatory system is a complex network of blood vessels that reaches every part of our body.

It carries important nutrients to our cells and removes harmful substances and waste from our body.

Do you know that there are potential causes that will lead to poor blood circulation in our body?

The potential causes of poor blood circulation are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Aging

What will happen when you have poor blood circulation?

According to Cleveland Clinic website, some of the common symptoms of poor blood circulation are:

  • Muscles that hurt or feel weak when you walk
  • A “pins and needles” sensation on your skin
  • Pale or blue skin color
  • Cold fingers or toes
  • Numbness
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling
  • Veins that bulge

If left untreated, the symptoms of poor blood circulation can progress into serious health problems!

What can you do to improve the blood circulation in your body?

As for me, I started wearing the Aulora Pants.

Aulora Pants benefits

In the following section, I will share with you 7 benefits of the Aulora Pants.

Personally, number 6 is why I think it is such a premium product in the market.

1. Improves blood circulation

As I’ve mentioned in the above section, the main benefit of wearing the Aulora Pants is help to improve our blood circulation.

Proper blood circulation is a fundamental feature of good health.

The element that the pants uses to help improve our blood circulation is the far infrared ray emitting by the Kodenshi fiber.

Do you know that there is another element within the design of the Aulora Pants which can help to improve our blood circulation?

Yes, that is the multi-segment pressure design of the pants to support our legs.

Aulora Pants Women and Men

Many people do not know that our body actually has 2 hearts.

Our first heart is within our chest and pumps blood with oxygen which travels through arteries to reach all over our body.

Blood tends to flow from our upper body down to our foot because of gravity.

But in order for the blood to travel from our foot back to our heart, it requires our calf muscle acting as a secondary heart to pump blood back up to our body against the force of gravity.

Check out the TikTok video below on the role of the calf muscle as our second heart.

As you can see from the video above, our calf muscle pump is activated when we are running or walking.

However, when you have a non-active lifestyle or if you are unable run or walk, that will affect the effectiveness of your calf muscle to pump blood from your foot back up to your upper body.

That in turn will lead to a poor blood circulation in your body.

Therefore, when your leg is healthy, in essence, your second heart is healthy thus leading to a healthy blood circulatory system.

2. Perfect fit for Asian

Have you ever experienced wearing a pair of leggings which are either too tight or too loose?

Apparently this is a common issue for us Asian buying and wearing sports leggings.

When it is a pair of compression leggings, buying a pair that fits well is even a bigger challenge.

What happens when you can’t find a pair of leggings that fit your body perfectly?

Most women will blame themselves for having a body that does not fit into the conventional sizes on those one-size-fits-all global size chart.

According to CNA Lifestyle website:

“Asian women tend to be more petite, whereas Westerners tend to be fuller.”

What we want is compression leggings designed to serve predominantly Asian market which fit the requirements of Asian people.

As per the CNA Lifestyle website:

“Asian women also tend to have a smaller waist and wider hips, as well as, a shorter frame and slimmer calves.”

Since Asian women have a smaller waist and wider hips, we need leggings that will fit our body shape.

We want leggings that have a narrower waistband, longer length around the hip and slimmer design at the calves.

Luckily, the design of the Aulora Pants was done in Japan to cater for Asian markets.

The design of Aulora Pants uses the body dimensions such as waist, hip and height of Asian men and women.

The Aulora Pants women has 6 sizes and the Aulora Pants Men has 7 sizes respectively.

You can rest assured to find a pair of Aulora Pants that will fit your body nicely…which is not too tight and not too loose.

In other words, a perfect fit!

3. Strong pressure for pelvis correction

With Japanese ergonomics technology, the weaving pattern of the pants is from bottom to top to lift up and push up muscles.

When wearing the pants, your body will look slimmer and the pants also allow for flexible body movement.

The pants multiple section design provides functional structures exclusively for lifting the hips, tightening the pelvis and flattening the abdomen and the leg portions are provided with segmented pressure components.

These individual section has to be manually hand cut by skilled and experienced workers in Japan.

The sections are then carefully stitched together using medical grade knitting machine in the factory.

A women wearing the Aulora Pants will experience belly flattening effect from the compression sections at the abdomen and pelvis area.

For a women that has just given birth, she should wear the pants during her confinement period or within 6 months after delivery for significant results.

A men wearing the pants will achieve an ideal bodyline. The strong pressure of the pants also offers support during exercise and improve overall strength and endurance.

4. The best fabric material

The Japanese designers of the Aulora Pants have spent a lot time to engineer the pants to be as light and thin as possible without scarifying durability and functionality of the pants.

The end result is a pants material which are light, thin, breathable and smooth.

The material also does not rustle as you move.

5. Light & airy

The Kodenshi fiber is soft and comfortable and sweat evaporates quickly.

Even when you are wearing the pants in a hot tropical country such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei or Indonesia, your leg will not feel hot. 

Even if your legs do sweat, it will evaporate quickly.

The pants material also has anti-bacterial and anti-odour effect.

Meaning, the pants will provide an all-time cleanliness and odourless experience.

6. 100% Japan product

The sixth benefit of the leggings is why the Aulora Pants is such a premium product.

The pants is 100% designed and made in Japan!

Firstly, the pants follows Japanese ergonomic design.

At the designing stage, the cutting for the women and men pants follows common Asian body measurements.

Next, when it comes to the manufacturing process, the Aulora Pants are made in an ISO certified factory in Japan.

During the manufacturing process, the pants is made using the patented Kodenshi fiber.

Every piece of the Kodenshi pants that came out of the manufacturing line has to go through stringent Quality Control (QC) process.

Since it is a 100% product from Japan, it offers high value for your money compared with other expensive branded exercise garment in the market.

7. Works well with any colour outfits

The Aulora Pants with its Classic Black colour is easy to match with working and casual outfit.

It can also be worn during exercise to minimise muscle pain after a workout session.

Need some ideas on how to match the pants with your outfit?

Models wearing Aulora Pants

If you do, check out the picture above of models wearing the Aulora Pants during a fashion show.

How to buy Aulora Pants?

If you are interested to buy a pair of Aulora Pants, it is recommended for you to register a BE International member account and buy direct from the company.

Click the link below for Live Chat on WhatsApp on how to register a BE International member account.

Click here for WhatsApp chat

Does the Aulora Pants really help with slimming?

I believe the main question you would like to know is, does it work?

Can the pants really help you with slimming?

From my personal experience, I can confidently say, yes it does work.

When I first got my Aulora Pants, I wore it for 14 days straight and 24 hours per day.

The only time I took off my Aulora Pants is when I took a shower.

After 2 weeks of wearing the pants, my waist measurement reduced by 3.5 cm.

My back and shoulder pain are gone and I don’t experience leg cramps anymore.

I did not change my diet and neither did I do any exercise.

All I did was my regular daily routine at home while wearing the pants.

Below are some of my before and after pictures.

My tummy flatten after wearing the Aulora Pants for 2 weeks
My waist measurement reduced by 4 cm after wearing the Aulora Pants

Above pictures were taken on December 2017.

When I started wearing the pants back in 10th December 2017, my waist measurement was 76.5 cm.

After two weeks, my waist measurement was down to 72.5 cm.

When I took my waist measurement again in May 2018, my waist measurement has reduced further to 69 cm!

As of January 2024, my waist measurement has remained the same 🙂

Aulora Pants for men

Do you know Aulora Pants now have design for men?

Back in April 2018, my husband asked me to get a pair of the legging for him to wear.

Slimming was not his priority. He wanted to relieve his stiff neck and shoulder muscle from sitting in front of the computer for too long everyday.

Sometime, his stiff muscle is so bad he’ll have migraine at night.

He wore the pants and within 2 days, no more stiff neck and shoulder.

You can read more about my husband’s experience wearing the pant by clicking here.

My husband wearing the Aulora Pants

The above pictures were taken when my husband wore his Aulora Pants for the first time.

In July 2018, BE International launched the Aulora Pants for Men.

The men pants material is thicker compared to women pants.

The cutting is also straighter and focuses more on the knee and calf areas of the leg.

There is also a long U-shaped design consist of soft and durable material which is specifically stitched to provide maximum flexibility and comfort at the crotch area.

The new Aulora Pants for men is excellent if you are active in sports.

On 20th May 2023, BE International launched the new Aulora Pants Men with updated design.

The new Aulora Pants Men has a higher percentage of Kodenshi fiber which is now at 90.2%.

Will it work for you?

Will the pants work for you?

To be honest, I am not able to answer you.

Although I’ve personally experienced positive results wearing the pants, it may or may not work for you.

All our bodies are different because we have different body type, different lifestyle and different level of metabolism.

Nonetheless, the only way for you to know for sure is to try it.

Trying is believing!

Mommy Lynn

Above is a picture of me wearing the Aulora Pants 5th Anniversary Collection dark grey colour.

Product details

Below are the details of the pants.

Brand name: Aulora Pants with Kodenshi (Women & Men)

Brand owner: BE International

Place of origin: Japan

Country availability: Worldwide

Country purchase with free delivery:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Hong Kong (HK)
  • Indonesia

Colours available:

  • Classic Black (standard colour)
  • Exclusive Collection Soft Beige (standard colour)
  • Exclusive Collection Navy Blue
  • Exclusive Collection Light Brown
  • Exclusive Collection Cool Grey
  • Exclusive Collection Aurora Green
  • Exclusive Collection Merlot Red
  • 5th Anniversary Collection Set – Limited Edition Blue and Dark Grey
  • Exclusive Collection Dynamic Black
  • Exclusive Collection Starlight Blue
Koleksi Aulora Pants

The above is a picture showing the Aulora Pants Classic Black and all the other Exclusive Collection colours.

Many of my blog readers have asked me, “Can I still get the Exclusive Collection Aulora Pants?”

Unfortunately, all the Exclusive Collection pants have sold out and only the Classic Black is available right now.

Awards won:

  • Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2018 (Wellness category)
  • Iconic Brand by Sisters Magazine 2019
  • Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019 (Wellness Award) for the Aulora Set (Pants and socks)
  • Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2022 for the Aulora Apparel Series
  • Healthcare Professionals’ Choice – Extraordinary Healthcare Brand Awards 2023 (Healthcare category)

Selling price: Retail and member price

Sizes available: Refer size chart below

Aulora Pants Size Chart

Order Aulora Pants online?

How do you purchase the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi?

You can buy the pants by registering as a member of BE International and purchase it direct from the company.

Some of my blog readers have asked me, “Can I buy the Aulora Pants from sellers on Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Mudah etc?”

Many people do not know, BE International has never authorise anyone to sell its product on 3rd party online marketplaces.

Therefore, those selling on online marketplaces are doing so illegally or worst still, they are scammers!

My advise is, be very careful.

Below is a Solemn Declaration from BE International advising the public not to buy any of the company’s product listed on 3rd party online marketplaces.

Solemn Declaration

BE International has already issued legal letter to the 3rd party online marketplaces to take down all of the company’s product but it is best for you to be on the alert.

If you’ve seen cheap Aulora Pants or any BE product listed on 3rd party online marketplaces, be very careful because you may be unknowingly buying fake or imitation product.

Don’t take the risk!

Register as a member and purchase Aulora Pants direct from BE International.

What are the benefits of registering as a member of BE International?

I have written a separate article explaining all the member’s benefits. Please click the link below to read the article.

[7 Amazing BE International Membership Benefits]

You have reached the end of my article.

Before you go, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog.

The content on this blog is for information and educational purposes only.

What worked for me may or may not work for you. Please do your own further research in order to get the answer you are looking for.

That being said, I hope my sharing on my personal experience wearing the Aulora Pants has been helpful for you.

If you want to contact me, click on the link below to message me on WhatsApp.

Click here for WhatsApp chat

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  1. Mama Ween 20/06/2018 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    Hi Mommy Lynn, may I know where can I buy the Aulora Pants?

    • Lynn 21/06/2018 at 12:48 pm - Reply

      Hi Mama Ween, thanks for visiting my blog. You can buy the Aulora Pants by registering as a member of BE International and order direct from the company. The company will courier the pants to your address.

    • Tini 31/07/2021 at 3:29 pm - Reply

      Hi dear. My waist is 101cm. My hips 115cm. What size would you recommend? I don’t.mind men’s cutting

      • Lynn 31/07/2021 at 3:51 pm

        Hi Tini. Based on your measurements, you can wear the Aulora Pants Men size 3XL.

  2. Jasmyn Ang 21/12/2018 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    Hi Lynn, I have tried the pants and is in love with it. Although I didn’t wear it Everyday, I do notice my tummy was getting flatter! Recently the pants got a thread sticking out…. how can I fix it?

    • Lynn 23/12/2018 at 11:34 pm - Reply

      Hi Jasmyn, thanks for your feedback. Glad that you are seeing some positive results wearing the pants. If there is a white thread sticking out, it is the rubber elastic material. Leave it as it is. If it is a black thread, that is a Kodenshi thread. Leave it as it is also. DO NOT trim any of the thread. Your pants will work just fine. It will still emit the far infrared ray (FIR) when worn.

  3. Chris 13/06/2019 at 9:01 am - Reply

    Hi Lynn, I have very sensitive skin so I am not able to wear some of material as i will always have allergy problems. Will this pants have this problem?

    Also if we need to wear every day that mean we have to buy more than 1 pair in order to achieve the results right?


    • Lynn 13/06/2019 at 8:36 pm - Reply

      Hi Chris, the pants material is very light and airy and sweat will evaporate quickly. Skin sensitivity is depends on individual. One of my friend has very sensitive skin, but luckily she could wear the pants. I can’t guarantee you anything and the only way to know for sure is to try it. The pants is best to wear min 8 hours per day for effective results.

  4. Hannah 02/07/2019 at 7:52 am - Reply

    Hi can you wear the pants while exercising? Also if I wash the pants too much the infrared red won’t work?

    • Lynn 02/07/2019 at 7:57 am - Reply

      Hi Hannah, yes you can wear the pants while exercising. It doesn’t matter how many time you wash it, the ultra-fine ceramic particles in the Kodenshi fiber will not come out.

  5. Alan Hansen 29/07/2019 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Does this pants have graduated compression ?
    For instance the contouring pants has a graduated compression at 26hPa at the ankle, 20hPa just below the knee and 14hPa at the thigh.
    From what you have written, it does not appear that the Aulora pants have graduated compression.

    • Lynn 29/07/2019 at 9:45 pm - Reply

      Hi Alan, yes the Aulora Pants has graduated compression.

  6. Sandra yau 14/08/2019 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    My height was at S size category 153cm, but my waistline and hip measurement was under L size..please advice if order which size do I order.

    • Lynn 14/08/2019 at 11:53 pm - Reply

      Hi Sandra, your height measurement is not necessary. Just follow your waist and hip measurement to determine your Aulora Pants size. If you need help, just contact me on my WhatsApp.

  7. Tina 16/09/2019 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Hi Lynn,

    Is it convenient to wear 2 Aulora slimming pants everyday to see the result faster? I read about the reviews from customers that looked good.
    I had a long thought… For traveling, I have no time to wash it as there isn’t much time. I may reach the hotel from 11pm.. How? Any advices?

    • Lynn 17/09/2019 at 7:46 am - Reply

      Hi Tina, if you are planning to wear the Aulora Pants for long hours, having 2 pants would be a good idea. As you wash and dry one pants, you’ll have another pair to wear. The pants can dry quite fast if you leave it under a fan. Having 2 pairs of pants will also reduce wear and tear therefore extending the lifespan of the pants.

  8. Rahayu 17/09/2019 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    What happened if i put the pants into washing machine?

    • Lynn 18/09/2019 at 10:08 am - Reply

      Hi Rahayu, if you put the pants in a washing machine, the tumbling and twisting in the wash pile might tear the seams of the pants.

  9. Mel 18/09/2019 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    May I know minimum hours to wear per day in order to be effective? I am working so I guess I can’t be wearing it everyday to work. Thanks.

    • Lynn 19/09/2019 at 2:07 pm - Reply

      Hi Mel, it is recommended to wear the Aulora Pants at least 8 hours per day preferably during day time because that is when your body is actively moving. If you wear it during sleep, it will help your body to detox.

  10. Amutha 22/09/2019 at 8:09 am - Reply

    Hi Lynn, I cannot wear the Aulora pants alone to work, can I wear my working pants over it?

    • Lynn 22/09/2019 at 8:12 pm - Reply

      Hi Amutha, yes of course. My husband wears his Aulora Pants underneath his work slacks to his office everyday.

  11. Pepper 14/09/2020 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    hello.. i accidentally hanged it outside to dry in the sun once. Is the pants spoiled?

    • Lynn 15/09/2020 at 10:07 am - Reply

      Hi Pepper, don’t worry, your Aulora Pants is still in good condition. Drying it under the sun will not damage the pants. We don’t recommend drying the pants under direct sunlight because it may harden the rubber elastic material. Nonetheless, the ultra-fine ceramic particles in the Kodenshi fiber is still in perfect condition.

  12. JIVAA 28/10/2020 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    Hi. How can I buy the Aulora Pants?

    • Lynn 30/10/2020 at 4:04 pm - Reply

      Hi Jivaa, you can actually register as a member of BE International, the Aulora Pants brand owner and purchase direct from the company. The delivery of the Aulora Pants within Malaysia is free of charge.

  13. Martina 24/11/2020 at 12:10 am - Reply

    I got 2XL size for my Aulora pants but it is still too tight on my stomach & leg thus it is normal this tight which caused some discomfort on my stomach ?

    • Lynn 24/11/2020 at 5:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Martina, if you’ve gotten the wrong size for you, the Aulora Pants will feel tight at your waist, hip and thigh. Can I know what is your waist and hip measurements?

  14. Delia Chong 18/04/2021 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    Hi Lynn… a good friend has highly recommended this pants cos she saw great results / benefits and shared with me. It is really very expensive so I am very cautious and curious … to join as a member how much can I expect to save compared to purchasing as a non member pls? Thkq in advance. Will I get a reply via email pls? As I am not sure how to check back here for a reply sorry!

    • Lynn 18/04/2021 at 10:29 pm - Reply

      Hi Delia. Thanks for your comment. You can see the Aulora Pants member price when you register a BE member account. Obviously the retail selling price is more expensive compared to the member’s price.

  15. Anna 06/06/2021 at 10:57 am - Reply

    I can’t wear the ladies 2XL size, therefore can I buy the men’s size n what are the benefits i get by wearing the men’s pants. Are the results the same?

    • Lynn 07/06/2021 at 11:39 am - Reply

      Hi Anna, the Aulora Pants design focuses more at the knee and calves. Both the women and men pants are made with the same percentage of Kodenshi material therefore the effect is the same.

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