Aulora Pants Brown Exclusive Collection – Limited Edition Series

How many colours can you get the slimming, wellness and compression pants from Japan?

Aulora Pants Light Brown

Me wearing the Aulora Pants Light Brown Limited Edition

If you are not sure which compression leggings from Japan that I’m referring to, I actually wrote a review about it on this blog.

Currently, the pants comes in standard black colour and also the brown colour.

The brown colour is actually a Limited Edition Series.

Meaning, BE International Marketing, the product and brand owner of the Japanese compression pants only import a limited quantity from Japan.

Special promotion

The first time the Limited Edition brown colour pants made available in the marketing was in April 2018.

The brown pants was brought in for a special Mother’s Day promotion.

All the brown pants stock was sold out within 1 month.

The second time the Limited Edition pants was made available was in June 2018.

BE International brought in only 4,000 pairs and it was also sold out within 1 month.

Kodenshi pants brown

Will BE International be bringing in more of the brown Limited Edition pants?

My guess it, yes they will for special promotion.

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