Aulora Pants For Knee Pain & Leg Cramps | A User’s Experience

Can Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International help to reduce knee pain and leg pain?

Can the Aulora Pants also help to relieve leg cramps?

I don’t have an exact answer but what I can do is share my personal experience and my mother’s experience wearing the pants in the article.

Mommy Lynn wearing Aulora Pants

Firstly, thank you for visiting Mommy Lynn Blog.

My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When I was first introduced to the Aulora Pants back in November 2017, it was marketed primarily as a slimming garment for ladies.

I was intrigued by its slimming and also other wellness properties.

After wearing the Aulora Pants for 2 weeks, I realised that it has helped to relieve my leg cramp issue.

Furthermore, I also found out that wearing the Aulora Pants can also help to relieve knee pain.

Please allow me to explain.

My personal reasons

One of the main reasons why I bought my first pair of the Aulora Pants back in November 2017 was to reduce my constant leg cramps.

After 2 weeks of wearing the pants, I didn’t experience leg cramps anymore.

I knew it was true because I’ve experienced the results personally.

I also bought another pair of Aulora Pants for my mother mainly to help with her chronic knee pain.

My mum was suffering from constant knee pain due to wear and tear on her knee joints from years of overuse.

Her right knee had underwent surgery a few years ago to reduce the pain.

There were plans to operate on her left knee as well.

Initially, I wasn’t very sure that the pants could help my mom.

I have seen testimonials on Facebook from other people that wore the pants saying they did not experience knee pain anymore after they started wearing the pants.

Are the results real?

How could I be sure?

Well, the only way to know for sure was to get my mom to wear the Kodenshi pants and monitor her knee condition.

My mom’s personal results

To be honest, my mom didn’t experience any improvement on her knee pain for the first month when she started wearing the pants.

My Mom

Above is a picture of my mom wearing the Aulora Pants.

She did experience other body detoxing benefits such as regular peeing and passing motion.

It is only after 3 months of wearing the pants, her knee pain mysteriously disappeared.

I was very surprised and glad at the same time.

I was surprised that the Aulora Pants does work and glad that my mom didn’t have to endure pain on her knee anymore.

How does the Aulora Pants works?

How does Aulora Pants helps to reduce knee and leg pain?

Honestly, I am not very sure.

It could the far infrared ray emitted by the Kodenshi fabric that improves blood flow in your legs or it may due to the compression element of the pants.

To really know the answer, I would have to spend some time reading and researching on the subject.

But as of now, I know the pants helped my mom to relieve her leg and also her knee pain.

Knee pain relieve for solat

Who else can benefit from the knee pain relieve effect of wearing the Aulora Pants?

I knew many Muslim older men and women are experiencing knee pain and that has caused them to unable to perform their solat or prayer properly.

Can it really help?

I went on Facebook and found the following testimonial.

Aulora Pants solat

Thank you Mrs Norhayati for sharing 😊

The biggest enjoyment when wearing aulora pants is to be able to pray well and perfect kneel. 😇

I don’t need to exercise… no time anymore…. want to diet? Almost 60 + years old, plus eating…. can’t diet at all…. no need to take a pill or slimming program….

Those who can only use #Aulora Pants….

Legs are healthy…. Body is healthy and fit most importantly – can establish the prayer perfectly…. self is kneeling…. kneeling…. sitting between 2 kneeling… can fold your feet…. feet can be used Bend to face the qibla…. that’s the pleasure I appreciate…. thank God ❤ >

That’s the outpouring of Mrs. Norhayati, the user of #Aulora Pants With #Kodenshi.

Who wants to be like her?
Get healthy that is everyone’s dream especially those who are 50 cents like this.

NOT ONLY THAT, HER WEIGHT HAS DROP FROM 74 kg TO 60 kg 😱😱😱😱-this is the BONUS of wearing Aulora Pants❤

Through my personal experience and my mom’s experience wearing the Aulora Pants from Japan, I know that wearing the Kodenshi pants can help to relieve leg cramps and also knee pain.

However, as a disclaimer, the pants may or may not work for you because our bodies are different.

What worked for others may or may not work for you.

The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope my sharing has been beneficial for you.

If you have any question, please click on the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will be happy to assist you.

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