7 Essential Items New Mommies Should Prepare For a Newborn

There are a ton of to-dos when prepping for baby’s arrival, and shopping for all the newborn essentials is not least among them.

There’s no time like the present to start getting organised for your new bundle of joy. It may seem like you have plenty of time but the next 6 to 9 months will fly.

Before your little one arrives there are bunch of things you are going to want to buy and stock up on (or at least consider), so that your first few months run as smoothly as possible.

Shopping for your baby can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Buying their tiny cloths and imagining the miracle growing inside you is enough to make anyone melt.

From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating and diapering, it’s easy to keep busy buying baby necessities. But where do you start, and exactly what do you need for a baby?

The amount of stuff a newborn needs can take any mom-to-be by surprise. So which are the baby items you can forget about, and which are the baby essentials you can’t live without?

Here are 7 essential items I will recommend for new mommies when expecting the arrival of a newborn baby.

These are bare-bones, nothing but the basic list of baby items you will want to stock up on before your newborn arrives.

1) Baby Clothing

It doesn’t get much cuter than tiny baby clothes, but you will want to pick out practical items that will keep baby comfy and cozy. The following are the baby must-haves:

  • 4 – 6 rompers or babysuits (wide head openings and loose legs)

  • 4 – 6 baby one-piece pyjamas

  • 4 – 6 sets of t-shirt and pants

  • 1 – 2 sweater or jackets (front buttoned)

  • 6 – 8 socks or booties (shoes are unnecessary until baby walks)

  • 6 – 8 no-scratch mittens

  • 1 – 2 hats

*Pro-tips: Rompers or babysuits and baby one-piece pyjamas that has snaps at the crotch to keep it from riding up and exposing the baby’s tummy to the cold.

2) Baby Bedding

Sleep is going to be a precious thing, both for you and for baby. Help everyone get some much-needed shut-eye with this baby items list for bedding:

  • Crib bedding sets

  • Crib sheets

  • Mattress (foam / latex)

  • Washable crib mattress pads

  • 1 – 2 soft and light receiving blankets

  • 1 – 2 baby sleep sacks / wearable blankets

*Pro-tips: Too much bedding, or the wrong kind of bedding can cause accidental suffocation and overheating, which are believed to be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS. Wearable blankets or sleep sacks that won’t get tangled help keep your baby cozy and sleep safely.

3) Baby Diapering

Changing a diaper may seem daunting for first time mothers or new parents. However, you will get the hang of it, and the following baby must-haves will help you pick it up even faster.

  • 1 – 2 packs of newborn size disposable diapers

  • 20 – 24 cloth diapers

  • 4 – 6 diaper covers

  • 1 box of cloth diaper liner

  • Diaper wipes / baby wipes

  • Diaper changing mat

  • Nappy rash cream


1) Cloth diapers don’t contain chemicals that can irritate babies’ sensitive skin. Thus, it is recommended wearing cloth diapers for babies while at home and disposable diapers for outings.

2) Unscented baby wipes cause less irritation

4) Baby Bathing

Bath time can be tons of fun once you get a handle on your baby first bath. So best be prepared with all the right gear as follows:

  • Baby bath tub

  • Baby shampoo and bath gel/soaps

  • Baby lotion

  • Ointment

  • 2 – 4 soft towels or baby hooded towels

  • 1 dozen of wash cloths / handkerchief

  • Oral care kit

5) Baby Healthcare

Don’t forget babies need the occasionally grooming too.

  • Baby nail clippers or blunt scissors

  • Baby brush/comb

  • Baby thermometer

  • Nasal Aspirator

  • Sterile cotton balls

  • Gentle laundry detergent

6) Baby Feeding

Be prepared to feed your newborn around the clock, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you are going to need the right feeding items to stock up:

  • Feeding bottles and teats

  • Bottle brush

  • Bottle rack

  • Bottle warmer

  • Bottle sterilizer

  • Liquid cleanser for feeding items

  • Formula (ask your paediatrician for recommendation)

  • 6 – 8 bibs

  • Milk powder dispenser

  • Thermos flask

  • Teethers

  • Pacifiers (optional)

  • Breast pump (if you plan to breastfeed)

  • Breast milk storage containers, bottles, or storage bags

  • Breast pads

  • Nipple cream

  • Nipple shield/protector

  • Cool packs

  • Nursing bra

7) Baby Gear

Whether you are on the move or getting ready for mealtime (starting solid), you will need to have some key baby gear ready to go.The following are the baby essentials to have on hand:

  • Infant or convertible car seat

  • Stroller

  • Baby bouncer

  • High chair

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