How To Install BE4U App On Your Smartphone

The following are the step by step process to install the BE International app call BE4U on your smartphone.

On 2nd April 2021, BE International officially upgraded its BE2U app to a highly advanced and secure app call BE4U.

The BE4U app is available to download for free on Google Playstore, Apple Appstore and Huawei AppGallery.

BE4U application

Before you can log into the BE4U app to order the products from BE International, you would need to register as a member to get your User ID.

BE4U Shopping

Above are the BE product shopping pages in the BE4U app.

What are the benefits of register as a member of BE International?

Firstly, know that BE International is one of the fastest growing multi-level marketing (MLM) company in Malaysia.

The BE4U is also the first application from a MLM company that has an Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process for new member registration.

The eKYC process is meant to make sure all the member’s personal data are accurate and secure.

eKYC verification is resource intensive and usually used by financial services companies such as banks, credit card issuers, e-wallet processors etc to secure their application.

BE International has made a heavy investment on eKYC for its members.

Check out the article below to learn the member’s benefits.

[6 benefits of becoming a member of BE International]

If you are interested to register as a member, click the link below to contact me through WhatsApp and I will be able to assist you.

Click here for WhatsApp chat

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