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My husband and I have partnered with BE International since March 2018 building our network marketing business.

In the BE business, there is quite a large range of functional food product.

One such product is the new Belixz Livcore.

What is Livcore?

Livcore is a formulation containing plant extracts which are traditionally used as liver tonic.

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal experience after taking Belixz Livcore.

Before I proceed, a quick note of disclaimer.

I am not a medical doctor.

The information I am sharing on this article is based on my personal experience.

To help explain what I’ve experienced after taking Livcore, I did some research online and reading from reputable and trusted web pages.

I will leave hyperlinks to the web pages of my information sources for your reference.

If you are not sure, please do your own further reading and research.

This article is for educational purposes only.

If you have health issues caused by serious illnesses, I would strongly advise you see a medical doctor.

Liver health

Firstly, know that Livcore is a functional food product within the Belixz brand category from BE International.

What are the uniqueness of Livcore compared to other liver supplement product in the market?

Belixz Livcore has 3 main benefits:

  1. Help to detoxify your liver
  2. Help to protect your liver
  3. Help to energise your liver 

Livcore provides the above 3 benefits by using 5 types of natural food ingredients that have been proven through clinical trial to be able to help detox, protect and energise our liver.

These 5 ingredients are:

  • Broccoli seed
  • Milk thistle
  • Artichoke
  • Turmeric
  • French oakwood

My experience

I began taking Livcore back in early April 2024.

Mommy Lynn Belixz Livcore

Above is a picture of me with a bottle of Livcore.

How was my personal experience after taking Livcore?

Was there any side effects?

Personally, when I started taking Livcore, I noticed that skin complexion got better.

Usually when I had my period, my face will experience acne breakout.

The acne breakout will last for a couple of days.

But when I started taking Livcore, the acne breakout during my menses was less.

How many Livcore capsule that I took per day?

I started by taking taking 1 capsule after my dinner.

The reason I took Livcore after dinner is because I have heard of other people felt very sleepy when they started taking Livcore.

I wanted to avoid that and that was the reason why to took Livcore after dinner.

What was the reason my skin complexion improved after taking Livcore?

The reason my skin complexion improved was most probably the active ingredients in Livcore have activated my liver and it started to detox my body.

According to WelleCo Europe website:

“Your liver is the metabolic centre of your body, producing energy to sustain the thousands of functions performed every minute of every day by all the cells in your body.

Your liver gives energy to your hair follicles, skin cells and heart, so if your liver isn’t able to do its job, you’ll notice a decline in the appearance of your skin and hair, as well as feeling generally sluggish.”

According to Empowered Health Australia website:

“Your skin is often the first place to show the effects of an under-functioning liver.

When it is not functioning at its best it has difficulty to eliminate wastes and toxins from the body.

So instead it pushes the toxins out through the skin, resulting in pimples and acne.”

Thank you for reading my personal experience after taking Belixz Livcore and I hope it was helpful for you.

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You can watch me sharing my personal experience taking Livcore in the TikTok video above.

Before you leave, take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog.

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What worked for me may or may not work for you.

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