Bunion Care With Aulora Socks With Kodenshi From Japan

Can wearing the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International help to relieve bunion on your feet?

Bunion care

In short, the answer is Yes, wearing the Aulora Socks can help.

What causes bunion?

According to healthline.com:

Bunions are generally thought to be genetic. They occur because of faulty foot structure, which is inherited. Some conditions that contribute to the development of bunions include flat feet, excessively flexible ligaments, and abnormal bone structure.

Bunions usually become worse over time.

They can become worse due to:

  • Tight or too-small shoes that cause your toes to crowd together and put pressure on your big toe
  • Shoes that have high heels or pointy toes which force your toes together
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Arthritis symptoms in your feet

Can you treat existing bunions on your feet?

There are bunion home treatment kit available in the market which can help.

The bunion corrector comes in the form of:

  • Toe splint
  • Foot brace
  • Toe guard
  • Foot arch support
  • Foot guard

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use bunion corrector, you can consider the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi from BE International.

All you have to do is wear the Aulora Socks like a regular cotton socks.

The key here is to wear it for long duration daily.

The compression element and foot arch support of the Aulora Socks can help to gradually relieve the bunion on your foot.

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