How To Be Successful In Building Your BE International Business

BE International, a business opportunity platform with its Head Office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company was officially setup back in August 2017.

In a short time frame of 36 months, the company has produced 41 RCCAs.

RCCAs are coming out at a rate of 1 every month!

If you are not familiar with the term RCCA, it is a business ranking known as Royal Crown Council Ambassador.

In order to achieve the RCCA ranking, you have to make more than RM1 Million in a period of 24 months from your BE International business.

What this mean is, an RCCA is someone that started from zero and became a millionaire (in Ringgit Malaysia term) within a short period of 2 years.

What are the factors that helped to make an RCCA?

I learnt the answer when I was asked to become BE International system topic speaker.

I had to study the content of the presentation slides from BE International in detail.

In the second slide of the presentation file, there was the answer I was looking for.

Technique and Mindset

The factors that can help a person to become success in the BE International business was 1% Technique and 99% Mindset.

Probably you’ve seen the above statement before.

It’s very clear that having the right mindset is imperative to become successful in the BE business.

As I studied the content of the presentation slides closely, I was asking myself:

How do you develop a correct mindset to become successful building your BE International business?

The answer was there in the following slide. There are 3 things which can help you to develop a correct mindset:

  • Duplicate your successful leader
  • Empty your cup
  • Constant learning

Duplicate your successful leader

What aspect of your successful leader do you need to duplicate?

As for me and my wife’s BE International business, our mentors are RCCA ranking also.

Therefore, in order to develop a successful mindset in the BE business, all we have to do is to duplicate them in the aspect of:

  • Drive / motivation
  • Relationship building
  • Mentoring
  • The type of learning
  • Presentation skill
  • Public speaking
  • Online activities
  • Offline activities
  • Communication (Face to face and in WhatsApp)

Empty your cup

I understood the concept of empty your cup is to unlearn what you have learnt, and have your mind ready to receive new information.

This is a very simple concept for me to understand.

Whatever information that I’ve gained have not helped me to achieve my financial goals.

Therefore it makes sense to discard the old information that do not help me and prepare my mind to learn new information which can help to grow my MLM business with BE International.

Constant learning

The constant learning part I believe is an on going process.

What should I learn?

To be successful in the BE International business, it makes sense to continue learning from those that have already become successful in the BE business.

If you have an engineering background, the learning approach above is very logic.

If you want to become a BE International RCCA, develop that mindset that RCCA has.

When your mindset is right, it is only a matter of time before you become a BE International RCCA as well.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it has been helpful for you.

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