5 Things That Can Increase MLM Distributor’s Satisfaction

In this article, I thought of sharing what I’ve learnt from reading a research paper published on the International Journal of Management and Applied Research (IJMAR).

The title of the paper is call “Towards Satisfying Distributors in Multilevel Marketing Companies”.

You can read the full research paper here.

Business opportunity sharing

Above is a picture of my wife sharing the MLM business opportunity to a prospect.

If you are currently building a MLM business in Malaysia or network marketing in Singapore, the findings from the research paper probably may interest you.

In essence, the researchers (Kwee-Fah Lee and Kai-Yin Loi) wanted to know which factors can affect the level of satisfaction of distributors towards multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Malaysia.

There were 6 factors proposed in the paper that may help to increase the satisfaction level. These are:

1) Method of diffusing business opportunity
2) Perceived quality of recruiting process
3) Perceived quality of the training program
4) Upline support
5) Perception of products and services
6) Monthly income

The following are what the researchers found and the end of their research.

Five out of six factors were found to have significant positive influence on distributor’s satisfaction. These are:

  • Method to diffuse business opportunity
  • Perceived quality of recruiting process
  • Perceptions of products and services
  • Up-line support
  • Monthly income

Interestingly, the perceived quality of training did not have a significant effect on distributor’s satisfaction.

As a professional network marketer, after reading the above research paper, I asked myself, what can help to affect my satisfaction level with the MLM company that me and my wife partnered with.

Firstly, it has to be the product.

As a business owner, having a high quality and unique product to sell is very important for me.

A high quality product that works will make my marketing activities more effective.

Having upline support is also very important.

I know that building a successful network marketing business cannot be done as an individual.

It has to be done as a team.

Lastly, of course it is the monthly income.

When you have a unique and high quality product and the support of your team, high monthly income is the outcome.

What do you think of the research results above?

If you are a professional network marketer, what else will increase your level of satisfaction toward the MLM company you’ve partnered with?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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