Shiruto Helped To Relieve My Daughter’s Fever

In this post, I thought of sharing my personal experience giving Shiruto botanical beverage to my youngest daughter. One day back in end of February 2019, my youngest daughter who is 5 years old came back from her kindergarten. It was a normal weekday. She had her lunch at my parent's place and then she [...]

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Shiruto By BE International Presentation By Dr Hiroyuki Inagawa

On 5th January 2019, BE International Marketing officially launched their new product. The new product is called Shiruto - Vitamins for your immune system. In conjunction with the launch, BE International has invited an expert, Dr. Hiroyuki Inagawa from Japan to give a presentation on the main ingredients in Shiruto, IP-PA1. Before this, I believe most [...]

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Belixz Shiruto Booklet – Download The Product Catalog

The Belixz Shiruto is one of the best selling functional food product from BE International. BE International is a progressive multi level marketing company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All the product that the company launched are unique, scientifically proven and meet a specific needs in the market. A very good example is Shiruto which [...]

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Can IP-PA1 Help To Relieve Eczema?

Recently, I have been doing some research on the key ingredient of a botanical beverage mix drink from Japan that my family have been taking. The key ingredient in the product is called IP-PA1 and I have been doing my research online to find out whether it can help to relieve eczema? In this article, [...]

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