Cheapest International Courier Service In Malaysia

In this article, I thought of sharing how I find the best international courier service rates in Malaysia for my home based business.

Product presentation

Above is a picture of me doing a product presentation to my prospects on Zoom.

Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Lynn and I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My husband and I have been operating our home based business since early 2018.

The core product for our business is a type of wearable technology imported from Japan.

That is a fancy way of saying our product is an athleisure garment made with far infrared ray (FIR) emitting fabric 🙂

Most of my customers are within Malaysia and I do have buyers from other countries as well.

I have international buyers from United States of America (USA), Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia etc.

How do I find the best international courier service rates in Malaysia?

I use a service provided by

What is Easyparcel?

It is a portal that provides comparison of courier services rates in Malaysia.

Easyparcel Malaysia
Easyparcel official website

In the following section, I will show you how I use Easyparcel to find the best international courier service rates for a packages I’ve wanted to deliver to overseas.

Using Easyparcel

Recently, I have an order from a customer located in Melbourne, Australia.

I will show you step by step how I used Easyparcel to get the best parcel delivery service price in Malaysia.

When I log into my Easyparcel account, I will go straight to the dashboard area.

For this order, I will choose the Single Parcel option.

Easyparcel Single Parcel
Easyparcel Single Parcel option

Next, in the Get Instant Quotes section, I will choose the FROM area as Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur because the parcel will be sent out from my house located in KL.

The TO destination I will select Australia and then enter Melbourne area zip code / postcode as 3000.

Usually, the package I deliver overseas will weight less than 1 kg.

Therefore in the Weight section, I will key in 1.00.

Finally, I will click on the “Quote & Book” button and wait for Easyparcel to get the delivery rates from multiple international courier service providers based on my requirements.

Easyparcel Instant Quotes
Easyparcel get instant quotes

The following are the delivery rates from the courier service providers in Malaysia served up by Easyparcel.

KL To Melbourne

As you can see from the results above, I have the option to choose Aramex, FedEx, SR Express, EMS etc.

I’ve blanked out the rates from the courier services because it changes every week due to supply and demand.

Which ever provider I want to use, I would simple click on the “Book” button.

Malaysia to Singapore

What is courier charges to our neighbouring country Singapore?

How much is the door to door delivery charge from Malaysia to Singapore?

Let’s check with Easyparcel.

Let’s say I have a parcel weighing below 1 kg that I want to send from my home address in Kuala Lumpur to Toa Payoh, Singapore.

The poscode for my Singapore receiver is 310080.

Easyparcel search box

The above is a screen capture of the details I’ve entered into Easyparcel search console.

KL to SG

The above is a list of courier service rates for a parcel to be delivered from KL to SG.

Again, I’ve blanked out the rates from different courier service because the rates fluctuate weekly due to supply and demand.

Easyparcel has helped me to get quotation from:

  • SF Express Standard
  • Teleport
  • Aramex Economy
  • Aramex Priority
  • And others

Do I always go for the cheapest courier service provider?

To be honest, no I don’t.

I would use the most reliable courier service based on my experience.

I would rather pay a little more to have a peace of mind.

I want to make sure the parcel will reach my international customers without any drama.

When I want to send a parcel to Singapore and my customer does not have to receive the parcel urgently, usually I will use Aramex Economy.

If my customer needs the parcel urgently, I will use Aramex Priority instead.

For delivery to countries further away from Malaysia, I will select TNT courier service.

This is because TNT is a reputable international courier service.

If you didn’t know, TNT has been bought over by FedEx.

When you use TNT as your international courier service, in actually fact you are using FedEx but at a cheaper rate.

I have used TNT / FedEex service multiple times.

I like their parcel tracking system because it is always up-to-date and accurate.

What I like most is the FedEx Door Tag Number tracking system.

If your customer is not at home when FedEx tries to deliver the parcel, the delivery guy will leave a door tag.

You can further track the parcel status using the FedEx Door Tag number.

FedEx door tag

Above is a FedEx door tag forwarded to me by one of my customer located in New York, United Stated of America.

The parcel tracking system is very important because I want to update the delivery status of my customer’s parcel during transit.


There you have it, my step by step guide on how I use Easyparcel to find the best international courier service rates in Malaysia for my home business.

If you are running your own home business and you want to know how to check the best international courier service rates, I hope my sharing above on Easyparcel has been helpful for you.

Do you need to send parcel, documents or packages overseas?

If you do, click the link below to visit right now.

Easyparcel sign up

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  1. AK 24/05/2021 at 9:41 am - Reply

    Hi Lynn, would like to ask regarding shipment to the rest of the world (USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia) etc, do you use easyParcel too?

    I checked easy Parcel however the shipment fee is too ridiculous, its about RM200-300+ for a 1 kg parcel 🙁

    I am selling Tudung btw and wish to expand the market internationally.. however the shipping fee is more expensive than the tudung itself 🙁

    Do you have any other suggestion?

    • Lynn 25/05/2021 at 5:25 pm - Reply

      Hi AK, if you are sending tudung in bulk to the Middle East, USA or UK, there is no choice but to pay the high international courier charges because the location is so far away from Malaysia.

      If the profit margin for your tudung is too low, it would not make sense to sell overseas.

      May I know are you a reseller for the tudung or are you a manufacturer?

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