Can I-Vxion Clear Blur Vision Caused By Cataract?

Can the Belixs I-Vxion product from Japan by BE International help to clear blur vision caused by cataract?

In this article, I will shed some light to the above question.

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Mommy Lynn I-Vxion

Above is a picture of me with a box of Belixz I-Vxion from BE International.

For your information, my husband and I have partnered with BE International since March 2018 building our network marketing business.

The BE business has a wide range of health and wellness product.

One of the product is the Belixz I-Vxion.

Belixz I-Vxion is a type of functional food for our eye health.

In this article, I thought of sharing a story of a customer asking whether the I-Vxion product can help with blurred eye vision caused by cataract.

Downline question

Not too long ago, I got a WhatsApp message from our business partner.

His name is En. L.

En. L signed up a new customer name, Pn. S.

Pn. S had bought a few product from BE International such as Belixz Shiruto and I-Vxion.

In the WhatsApp message, En. L said Pn. S messaged him because she is not seeing my improvement on her eyes after taking 4 boxes of I-Vxion.

Usually, when I get a message like this I will ask some questions to understand the situation better.

I asked En. L, Pn. S wants the Belixz I-Vxion to help her in what aspect?

En. L replied saying Pn. S wanted to improve her eye sight but after taking 4 boxes of I-Vxion, she doesn’t notice any improvement.

Apparently, Pn. S’s eye sight is not very good and she was hoping her eye sight can improve after taking I-Vxion.

I asked En. L whether he knows why Pn. S vision is not good.

En. L said he doesn’t know.

He said he already asked Pn. S to call me directly.

Normally, a new business partner would not know how to answer a customer’s question in regards to product.

In this case, En. L was unable to answer Pn. S and asked me for help.

The call

When Pn. S called me, she said that she wanted to know why her vision has not improved after taking 4 boxes of I-Vxion.

I asked her, what was the problem with her vision.

She told me her vision is not very clear and after taking I-Vxion, her vision still has not improved.

I asked her what is causing her bad vision.

She told me she has cataract and 5 years ago she actually did the eye operation on both of her eye.

She told me after her eye operation, her vision was very clear but it has been getting worst.

I asked her whether she went back to see her eye doctor.

She told me no.

The last time she saw her eye doctor was 5 years ago when she had her eye operation.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, she didn’t do any further medical follow up for her eyes until now.

When En. L told her that the Belixz I-Vxion is good for eyes, she was hoping it could improve her vision.

My response

I told Pn. S that the Belixz I-Vxion is not meant to cure any eye issue.

Therefore, I-Vxion cannot cure cataract.

Only a professional eye doctor can help to improved the eye condition caused by cataract through cataract surgery.

What is cataract surgery?

According to

“Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the lens of the eye and, in most cases, replace it with an artificial lens.

A cataract causes the lens to become cloudy when it is typically clear. Cataracts can eventually affect vision.

Cataract surgery is performed by an eye doctor, also called an ophthalmologist.

It’s performed on an outpatient basis, which means you don’t have to stay in the hospital after the surgery.”

Pn. S did the cataract surgery 5 years ago and I told her I don’t know why her vision is getting worst.

I suggested to her to visit her eye doctor to get professional medical advise.

I told Pn. S that I-Vxion is only a functional food which is meant for eye health.

One of the benefits when taking I-Vxion is improved tears product which can help to keep our eyes moist.

I asked Pn. S whether her eyes is less dry when taking I-Vxion.

She told me yes.

Before taking I-Vxion, her eyes are very dry at night time which made her eyes very painful.

I asked her whether she used any eye drops.

She said no.

Pn. S asked me, can she stop taking the I-Vxion product.

I told her yes of course.

But when she stops taking I-Vxion, her dry eye issue will return and she may have to use eye drops regularly.


After my call with Pn. S, I messaged En. L to update him.

En. L told me that he didn’t know that Pn. S had cataract because she never told him.

I told En. L that I’ve tried my best to answer Pn. S questions.

What she has to do next is to make an appointment to see her eye doctor.

To keep her eyes moist, she can either use eye drops regularly or take the Belixz I-Vxion.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has been helpful for you.

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