Far Infrared Clothing In Australia With Japan Kodenshi Technology

What’s the latest far infrared clothing or garment available in Australia?

Don’t be surprised.

Aulora Series women

The new far infrared ray (FIR) emitting garment in Australia actually uses a fabric technology from Japan that has been created more than 20 years ago.

Aulore Series Men

This fabric technology is known as Kodenshi.

Kodenshi fabric technology

What is Kodenshi fabric technology?

The Kodenshi fabric technology incorporates ultra-fine ceramic particles into the fiber.

The ceramic particles are so fine, it is impossible to see with the naked eye.

When the Kodenshi material touches your skin, it will absorb your body heat and emits natural far infrared ray (FIR).

For more information, click the image below to watch an introduction video on YouTube about the Kodenshi fiber technology.

What is Kodenshi video

The Kodenshi fabric is the core material used to make the FIR emitting garment known as Aulora Series with Kodenshi.

The Aulora Series is available for both women and men.

The FIR emitting garment consist of compression pants, socks, T-shirt, panties and boxer.

Distribution channel

How do you buy the Aulora Series product in Australia?

The Aulora Series exclusive brand owner is BE International located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

BE International is a licensed Business to Consumer (B2C) and ISO:9001 certified company with international branch office and distribution channel in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

You can purchase the Aulora Series product by registering as a member of BE International and lock in your order.

The FIR garment will then be sent to your Australia address using international courier service.

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