5 Reasons To Fight For The BE International Lifestyle Travel Campaign

Thank you for visiting Mommy Lynn Blog. My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mommy Lynn Seoul Korea

Above is a picture of me taken at a strawberry farm at Seoul, South Korea back in February 2023.

My husband and I are both Independent Business Owner (IBO) with BE International.

Meaning, we are network marketing professionals building our business using the business opportunity offered by BE International.

If you didn’t know, the BE business opportunity offers 9 types of commission and bonuses.

In addition to the commission and bonuses, there is also one other benefit which all IBO can get to enjoy and that is the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign.

BE Lifestyle is a sales campaign held twice a year and is open to all BE members with Ambassador ranking and above.

As of the year 2023, my husband and I have already qualified to:

  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hong Kong & Macau
  • Perth, Australia

What is the new destination for the BE Lifestyle Travel Campaign 2024?

The new destination are Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, China.

The qualifying period to China is from February 2024 to July 2024!

Fight to qualify!

In the following section, I will be sharing 5 reason why BE International active IBO should fight and qualify for one or two tickets from the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign.

Alright, let’s begin.

1) To have a sense of accomplishment.

The first reason why you should fight for the campaign is to have a sense of accomplishment.

In addition, you will also get recognition.

There are many things in life that we worked hard and achieve, however, we do not get the recognition that we deservce.

Worst, someone else got the recognition for the hard work that we did!

The BE Lifestyle Travel campaign is an opportunity for you to work hard and being recognised when you succeed.

When you qualify for one or two tickets, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

It is something that you can be proud of.

Just think, there are hundred of thousands of BE International members and you are among the few that qualified for the free overseas trip.

2) Create powerful online content.

When you’ve decided to build a business using the BE business opportunity, your family members and friends will be watching you.

They will be interested to know how you are doing.

They may not show any interest, but trust me, they are watching what you are posting on your social media.

Therefore, the second reason why you should fight and qualify for the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign is to create powerful online content.

This is something that a lot of people don’t know.

When you do a Facebook Live or sharing a picture your Instagram or TikTok announcing that you’ve qualified for the campaign, that makes you a winner!

It sets you apart from all the other BE members.

It shows that you are serious in your business and you are achieving results.

When you start posting pictures of the places you’ve visited during the trip, you will attract people that want the same lifestyle.

People will start to reach out to you to be part of your team.

These powerful online content will help to attract more prospect to you.

3) Opportunity to spend time with the leaders & founders.

How much will you pay to be able to spend time with top leaders in the MLM industry?

How much will you pay to spend time learning from the company founders?

The experience is priceless!

Me with Karen Leong

Above is a picture of me with one of the Founders of BE International, Mdm Karen Leong at Hokkaido, Japan in 2018.

When you qualified for the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign, you will have the opportunity to spend time with these amazing people and learn from them.

During our trip to Osaka, Japan, we had the opportunity to spend 2 Meeting After Meeting (MAM) sessions with the founders of BE International at the hotel lobby.

During the session, we got to learn valuable lessons from the company founders.

4) Create unforgettable memories.

I once heard the follow statement from a BE leader from Singapore.

She said, “It is not where you go, but who you travel with“.

Incidentally, that is the famous quote from Charles M. Schulz.

Charles Monroe “Sparky” Schulz was an American cartoonist and the creator of the comic strip Peanuts, featuring what are probably his two best-known characters, Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

When you qualify for the campaign, you have the opportunity to create unforgettable experience and memories.

Experiences and memories are things that no one or no thing can ever take away from you.

This BE Lifestyle Travel campaign may be the event that gets your spouse to fight together with you in the business.

BE International Trip to Melbourne

Above is a picture of my husband together with the founders of BE International, Mdm Ho Huey Chuin and Ir Lee Suet Sen at Melbourne, Australia in 2019.

5) Have some fun!

The BE business is not all work and no play.

In fact, when we work hard, we’ll play harder.

When you’ll get to travel overseas and everything is paid for by the company, trust me, the entire experience is a lot of fun.

There is nothing to worry about because the company has already planned and arranged everything for you.

All you have to do is be present and enjoy your time there.

It’s time for you to relax and have fun with the people that you like around you.

There you have it, the 5 reasons why you should fight and qualify for the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

Do you want to know more on the BE International network marketing business opportunity?

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