Why Doctors Want To Be Agent For The Aulora Pants?

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Above is a picture of me and my wife, Mommy Lynn taken at Universal Studio, Osaka, Japan.

My wife and I are both professional network marketers.

We have been building our network marketing business by partnering with BE International since March 2018.

In order to grow our business, we are constantly learning from other BE leaders.

In this article, I though of sharing the learning that I got from an interview that I watched online.

The interview was between Keith Leong (our mentor) with an up and coming BE superstar name Pn. Adibah A.

If you are not in the BE business, probably you won’t know who is Adibah.

However, Adibah is someone we should look out for because her network growth track record has been very impressive.

She has recruited more than 200 medical doctors into her network!

But what I am really curious is, why doctors and medical professionals want to be an Independent Business Owner with BE and become an agent selling the Aulora Pants.

From the interview, Adibah shared that her professional background was a microbiologist.

However, she left her profession after she decided to focus on taking care of her kids.

Therefore, she made the decision to retire more than 24 years ago.

Adibah actually got into BE before the Covid-19 pandemic.

She had issue with slipped disc and was on painkiller to manage her pain.

The Aulora Pants was recommended to her by her doctor.

After trying the Aulora Pants and socks with positive results, she was really interested on the BE International business opportunity.

Interview with Adibah

The above is a screen capture of the interview between Keith Leong and Pn Adibah A.

Adibah started her BE business by sharing the benefits of the Aulora Pants with her friends and family members.

One of her best friend is a mircobiologist clinical lecturer and Adibah shared with her.

Her best friend also tried the Aulora Pants and socks.

On the second visit, Adibah brought along her upline to accompany her to hospital to visit her best friend.

The result of the best friend wearing the Aulora Pants and socks was very positive as well.

From there, the benefits of the Aulora Pants was shared among doctors and medical professionals around the hospital.

Coming back to the question why medical professionals want to do the BE business?

According to Adibah, it was because of the culture of BE and also the 3H principle, which is Honest, Humble and Hardworking.

For them, it is not about the money which they can make from the BE business.

They are looking for something more which is an element that can be brought to the next world.

Adibah shaed that all medical professionals have a good heart.

They want to help people around them.

That was what motivated them.

They are also motivated to provide an opportunity for the people around them to become successful.

When you have good intention from the “heart” while building the BE business which is to help others, you will duplicate it down into your network.

Another point that Adibah shared was, once you are ready to be a student, your teacher will appear to teach you.

Don’t focus on just making money from the business.

If you chase for money, money will go.

Focus on the people instead.

If you build the people, people will stay.

When people stay, money will comeā€¦

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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