How To Grow Your Downlines Network Marketing Business?

In this article, I’ll share with you the task that I’ll do in order to help my downline or business associate in my network to grow their network marketing business.

This important task is to help them to create awareness in their own social media network.

By helping them to create awareness in their network of friends and relatives in their Facebook account, it will help them to generate some warm leads in order to grow their MLM business.

What is the process?

Firstly, I will make sure my downline purchase and use the company’s product themselves so that they can experience the positive effect of the product personally.

Next, when they have a story to share, I will conduct Facebook Live interview with them.

Below is a good example.

One of my ex secondary school mate is my business associate in my network. She is located in Penang whereas I am located in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Distance is not an issue when I want to interview her.

My friend has used one of company’s top selling product, Shiruto vitamin and has experienced positive results and wanted to share her story with her friends and family on Facebook.

What I did was to conduct the interview on Zoom Could Meeting and then stream the interview into Facebook Live.

By tagging my friend in the interview, all of her Facebook friends will be able to watch the interview.

By doing so, the interview would have created some awareness for my friend on her social media that she is using Shiruto.

Whenever her friends or relatives are looking to purchase BE’s product such as the top selling Aulora Pants, Shiruto, Maqnifiq, Befil etc, they will look for someone they know and trust and thus they will contact my friend in Penang.

Doing interview on Zoom and streaming it on Facebook Live is one of the task I do constantly to help my business associates grow their MLM business.

Below are some pictures of the Zoom interview I did with my ex school mate.

Zoom Interview

Conducting the Zoom interview using my smartphone in my bedroom.

Zoom Live

The Zoom interview was recorded and streamed direct into Facebook Live.

My friend’s FB profile was tagged in the interview so that her friends and relatives will get a notification of the interview.

FB Live

Above, my friend sharing her personal experience using Shiruto on Facebook Live.

You can checkout the Facebook Live interview here.

The above are just one of the task I do constantly to help my downline grow their business.

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