MLM Founder’s Commitment During MCO In Malaysia

In one of the article published on this blog, I wrote about the 6 important pillars in choosing the right MLM company.

In this article, I will share my experience on the most important pillar in choosing the right network marketing company which is the founder.

BE Founder

Above is a picture of BE International founder and Executive Vice-President, Ms Ho Huey Chuin.

But before that, please allow me to share my story.

My name is Will and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have a double degree in Building Science and Construction Management from University of Newcastle, Australia.

However, I did not go into the construction industry.

In my early 30s, I’ve decided to learn a new skill which was Internet Marketing.

I’ve learnt how to create websites to sell ebooks and software on the internet.

I actually did quite well.

During the peak, I had over 100 websites and I was generating a 5 figure monthly income from the internet.

It was very good for me and my wife back then.

My wife had the option to become a full time housewife and I had the option to work from home earning passive income.

However, everything changed in the year 2012.

That was when Google changed its “Search algorithm” and it wiped out most of my websites.

Without my websites, I lost my income from the internet.

I’ve tried rebuilding my websites but the old strategy that I used could not work anymore.

After trying alot of different things for a few years, my savings were running out.

I have no choice and had to get a job.

To help pay for our family expenses, my wife was looking for a business opportunity and that was how we were introduced to a network marketing company based in Malaysia call BE International.

MLM Stigma

A lot of people know that you can make money from MLM, but they have no idea how to make it work.

This is because there are many direct selling companies in Malaysia and those that want to build a MLM business have no idea which company to join.

They cannot differentiate which company is legit and which is not.

A lot of people end up losing money joining a pyramid scheme or money game.

It is very scary.

To be honest, I understand how they feel because I felt the same way too.

But this is what I found after being in the BE business since March 2018.

To be successful in MLM business, you need to partner with right company.

To choose the right company, you need to look at the company founder.

The founders of BE International are Ir. Lee Suet Sen and Ms. Ho Huey Chuin.

BE founders

Above is a picture of BE International founder and President, Ir. Lee Suet Sen.

The founders of BE are not the typical business owners.

They have been in the MLM industry for many years and they are MLM leaders themselves.

A lot of things from the company such as the product, the technology used to support the business, the training and culture are very unique to BE.

Probably you won’t experience them with other MLM company.

But what impressed me the most about BE founders is their commitment toward Independent Business Owners (IBO) like me and my wife during Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

During MCO, the entire country was on a standstill.

All of us cannot go out to see our customers.

We were quite worried but the founders made a public commitment to us by saying “We Will Not Let You All Down”.

Founder's commitment

The above is a public commitment from Ir Lee Suet Sen on his personal Facebook profile published on 25th March 2020.

For a business owner, his word is his bond.

With more than 300 Likes and 120 comments, all of us BE independent business owners are watching.

We want to believe but ACTION speaks louder than words.

The founders of BE International took massive action during MCO.

To help support our business, BE founders actually launched new product and opened 2 new markets which were Hong Kong and Indonesia during MCO!

While most companies are shutting down, firing their employees or cutting down on their expenses, BE International decided to expand.

Expansion during a time of uncertainty means BE founders are willing to take big risk and further capital investment into their business.

That was the commitment of the company founders to all of us.

Our journey

Me and my wife are very grateful for everything that the founders did to help grow our business.

Because BE International is the right company, we qualified for all the 9 bonuses from the BE business opportunity including the Car Fund and House Fund in less than 1 year.

With the income from our BE business, we bought a new house during MCO.

Me and my wife, together with our 2 daughters moved into our new house in March 2022.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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