3 Easy Steps To Buy Shiruto Online Without An Agent

How do you buy the Shiruto vitamins for your immune system from BE International online?

Boxes of Shiruto

Do you need to go through an agent?

How about buying Shiruto from 3rd party online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 etc?

In this article, I will answer all of the questions above.

What is Shiruto?

Firstly, what is Shiruto?

Shiruto is a type of functional food for your immune system. It is fully made and imported from Japan.

Shiruto product brand owner is BE International located at Link 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The key benefits of taking Shiruto is help to reactivate the in-active macrophages in our body.

Macrophages are a type of immune cells in our body. The macrophages can become in-active due to the following reasons:

  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Not enough sleep
  • Unhealthy food
  • Hot weather / cold weather
  • Environment pollution
  • Noise
  • Lifestyle

To know more about Shiruto and what it can do, you can check out my comprehensive review of the product by on the link below.

[Shiruto By BE International Review – Vitamins Food For Your Immune System]

Shiruto online buying guide

How do you buy Shiruto online and have your order delivered to your door step?

The following are the 3 easy steps to buy Shiruto online.

Step 1

The best option to buy Shiruto is via online and direct from BE International.

Before you can make a purchase online, you have to first register as a member with the company.

To register for a member account, you will need a existing Independent Business Owner (IBO) of BE International to be your sponsor and help you to create an account.

After you have registered for a member account, you will receive your membership Username ID.

Step 2

The second step is to log into BE online shopping platform or the BE4U smartphone application using your membership Username ID.

BE4U application

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore, Huawei AppGallery or Apple Appstore.

Step 3

The final step is to select how many boxes of Shiruto you want to order, key in the delivery address and then make payment using your credit card or online banking.

Do you need an agent to help you to order Shiruto?

No, you don’t.

When you’ve registered as a member of BE International, you can purchase Shiruto by yourself using the BE4U app on your smartphone.

Shiruto on 3rd party online marketplaces

Please take note:

BE International did not authorised anyone to sell Shiruto on 3rd party online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 etc.

If you see anyone selling BE’s product there, be very careful because you may be unknowingly buying a fake Shiruto.

Solemn Declaration

BE International has already issued a Solemn Declaration above warning the public not to purchase any of its product on 3rd party online marketplaces.

Don’t take the risk!

Register as a member and purchase Shiruto direct from the BE International.

Can you sell Shiruto?

Many of my blog readers have asked me, is it possible for them to sell Shiruto to earn a commission?

Shiruto referral program

Yes they can because Shiruto has a Customer Referral Program.

The benefits of the referral program are:

  • Unique and high value product
  • Seamless online ordering
  • Speedy fulfilment
  • Social media for customer engagement
  • Live streaming to create product awareness to drive sales

To learn more about the program, please click the link below.

[Shiruto Customer Referral Program – How To Earn Commission Promoting Shiruto]

If you are keen to get Shiruto, start by registering as a member of BE International.

Personally, I think BE International has one of the best multi level marketing system any direct marketing company in Malaysia has to offer.

It’s marketing plan is One World One Account where you can sponsor anyone in the world using 1 membership ID.

How to register as member?

If you are interested to buy Shiruto, it is recommended for you to register a BE International member account and buy direct from the company.

Check out the article below on how to register a member account.

[How To Register BE International Member Account To Buy Shiruto]

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I hope my sharing above has been helpful for you.

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What is the Shiruto member price?

How much is Shiruto normal retail price?

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