Lee Suet Sen BE International – 10 Lessons I’ve Learnt From His OnFM Interview

In this article, I will be sharing the 10 key lessons that I’ve learnt listening to the interview that Ir. Lee Suet Sen, the founder and president of BE International did with OnFM station.

Lee Suet Sen OnFM interview

To watch the entire interview on YouTube, please click the image above. The interview was conducted in Mandarin.

The topic of the interview with Ir. Lee Suet Sen was about entrepreneurship in particular the network marketing business model.

Below are the 10 key lessons that I’ve learnt from the interview:

1) Have the courage to try

The first lesson that I got from the interview was to “Have the courage to try“.

What do you got to loose?

If you are considering starting a network marketing business, you need to have the courage to just start and get moving.

Network marketing is not like a conventional business because the risk is very small.

You don’t need to have a large investment to get started.

Even if you are unable to sell any product or recruit anyone, it is not a major setback.

But if you were to put in the effort to learn the system and get good at it, the reward is tremendous!

How long do you need to work at building your network marketing business?

Give it 3 – 5 years.

You can build it part time, but make sure you have a full time business owner mindset.

2) Just share the business opportunity

To grow a network marketing business, your key task is to share the business opportunity.

After you’ve shared the business opportunity with your friends or family, it is up to them to decide.

If the other person decide to get into the business with you, that is great!

If they said no, it is OK also.

Be professional and do not beg or grovel.

3) Focus on growth

If you want to increase the income you derive from your network marketing business, the focus is on your personal growth.

When you grow your skills and mindset, you will start growing your network and that is when your income from your business will grow.

4) Partner with the right company

If you are starting a network marketing or direct sales business, make sure you partner with the right company.

The company you partner with must have a direct sales license.

Malaysia is one of the top 10 direct sales market in the world.

Therefore, the criteria, rules and regulation to operate a direct sales business in the country are structured and comprehensive.

5) Leverage your time

The most powerful element of a network marketing business is the ability to leverage your time.

The concept is similar to a franchise business but without the high capital investment cost.

Using Old Town Cafe as an example, instead of opening multiple cafes using the franchise model, we are duplicating our network marketing business with people.

6) You need to work to keep your passion burning

It is human nature that we will loose our motivation after we’ve achieved success.

To keep your passion burning, you’ll need to partner with a company which has the right culture of always growing and not sticking to status quo.

As a leader, you need to be growing constantly.

Whenever you stop growing, dissolution sets in.

7) Willingness to change

Your current success or failure does not dictate your level of success in network marketing.

It is alright if you don’t have high education or any business experience.

What’s important is your willingness to change for the better.

8) The importance of product on the business

The product you sell in your network marketing business must be able to speak it’s value.

The product user must be able to really experience it’s effect and makes them want to share with others.

The product must have its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

A good example would be the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan.

9) Be a good role model for your children

Work towards becoming a good role model for your children not only in the aspect of career, but also in the area of health, mentality, attitude, character etc.

10) The benefit of husband and wife in the business

The key benefit of both husband and wife building a network marketing business is having a common goal.

The conclusion

There you have it, the above are the 10 lessons that I’ve learnt from the interview Ir. Lee Suet Sen did with OnFM.

Me and my wife have been partnering with BE International to build our network marketing business since Marcj 2018.

What impressed me the most about Ir. Lee Suet Sen is his commitment to us BE Independent Business Owner (IBO) during the time of Covid-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

It was the ACTION that he took during MCO that gave us hope and confidence to stick be BE.

I’ve shared my experience building our network marketing business during MCO in the article below.

[MLM Founder’s Commitment During MCO In Malaysia]

Mommy Lynn & Will

We are truly grateful for Ir. Lee Suet Sen for providing us the BE International business opportunity.

Above is a picture and me and my wife being recognised as new Crown Council Ambassador (CCA) in August 2022.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was beneficial for you.

If you are at this point of time looking to start a network marketing business, click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and we’ll be happy to partner with you.

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