Keratodermia Tylodes Palmaris Progressiva Relieved With Botanical Beverage Mix

Have you heard of Keratodermia Tylodes Palmaris Progressiva (KTPP)?

To be honest, I have never heard of it.

Recently, I received a message from my WhatsApp group sharing a testimonial of a lady with KTPP sharing her testimonial after taking a type of botanical beverage mix.

Below is the WhatsApp message.

Appreciated your sharing Karen. 🥰🥰

Karen has been suffering from Keratodermia Tylodes Palmaris Progressiva (KTPP) for around 20 years.

She suspects it was caused by hand washing too many diapers.

Commonly known as handeczema or housewives’ hands eczema, it would come and go, on and off.

As the condition was not that bad at that time, she lived with it and had not consulted any dermatologist.

However, about 2 months ago, her problem with KTTP came back and became worse as compared to the last time.

She believes that it was due to her washing her hands (with Dettol hand wash) more frequently.

Shiruto KTPP

She also suspects that the condition was exacerbated by the dusty files at her new job that made her hands extremely itchy.

You can see from the photo before consuming the product – her palms are tender, moist with severe redness and inflammation.

In addition, the appearance of small vesicles and effusion are observed.

She tried applying some creams which helped to dry the blisters, but her hands became so dry that it cracked and caused her tremendous pain.

Karen had came across the product through Facebook sometime ago.

She did not know what to do and who could help her.

Coincidentally, she found me and purchased some from me.

I taught her how to consume the product.

She has taken 3 sachets per day.

After 4 days of taking it, you can observe that her palms are less inflamed and red, while her skin has nicely recovered.

Her condition has improved tremendously!

She could now hold her toothbrush and comb her hair without any pain.

She is really glad to know this product and hopes that her condition will become better and better.

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope my sharing above has been helpful for you.

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