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In this article, I thought of sharing one of the most important skill you will need if you want to build a successful network marketing / MLM business in Malaysia.

That skill is none other than public speaking.

Back in March 2018, me and my husband decided to start a network marketing business as an option to generate addition income for our family.

Because we didn’t have much capital and we didn’t want to take too many risks, we decided to make use of the business opportunity provided by BE International.

One of the top selling product from BE is the multi-award winning Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan.

If you are not familiar with the company, you can click the link below to read my husband personal thought about the business model.

[BE International Review – Sharing My Personal Experience With BE]

After working in the business for more than 24 months, we reached a significant level in the business.

Our MLM business is now generating a 5 figure income every month for our family and my husband decided to go full time into it.

Many people are using the BE business opportunity as a vehicle to make extra money.

But from our experience, the business is more than just making money.

It can also help to develop your public speaking skill.

When you are building a direct selling / MLM business, it is not wise to just stay at home and do your work in a computer.

If you want to build a large network marketing business locally, you have to go out to meet and talk to people.

You must have the skill and confidence to talk to a large group of people.

In essence, you need to develop your public speaking skills.

Many people do not know, the BE Business opportunity has a structured public speaking development program.

It is call Public Speaking Training (PST).

Me and my husband attended the PST in 7th December 2019. Below is the picture I took during the training.

Public speaking training

During the PST, we’ve learnt a lot of useful public speaking skills from the trainers.

Incidentally, the trainers in PST are all high level leaders in BE.

Learning public speaking in a training program is not enough, you have to get in front of people and speak.

Therefore, me and my husband are actively grabbing the opportunity for us to speak in front of a crowd when we are building our business.

Befil talk

Above is my husband speaking in front of a crowd on the 19th December 2019 at BE International Singapore office at Tai Seng Centre.

Zoom speaker

Even during the Covid-19 lock down in Malaysia, I took the opportunity to speak in Zoom meetings in front of hundred of participants in a webinar. Above is a screen capture of the webinar.

Lynn Speaker

Above is me speaking in my bedroom in a webinar organised by BE International using Zoom Cloud Meeting.

Meeting Emcee

Above is me being the Emcee for BE weekly online meeting on 22nd September 2020.

Would you like to develop your public speaking skills for your network marketing business?

If you do, please click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will share more with you.

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