Medisana PM100 Pulse Oximeter Registered Medical Device Under RM100

In this article, I will share my research and thought process how I found the best pulse oximeter device in Malaysia.

Pulse oximeter

What prompted me to do my research on pulse oximeter?

It all started when one of my friend was found to be Covid-19 positive.

She was catergorised as Covid-19 Category 2.

She had mild symptoms such as headache, feeling tired, sore throat etc.

My friend is married but she and her husband don’t have any children.

Therefore. my friend opted to do self quarantine at her home.

She told me one of the home quarantine requirement is to take oxygen saturation level in her blood twice a day using a pulse oximeter.

That was the first time I came to know of pulse oximeter.

In this article, I won’t explain how a pulse oximeter works because there are a lot of write up on the web.

What I wanted to know is how to find the best oximeter in the market.

Home quarantine guide

What are the Covid-19 home quarantine guide in Malaysia?

I wanted to know the home isolation requirement as a precaution.

I went online and found some useful information from Columbia Asia website.

I also downloaded the Home Isolation Guide PDF file.

In the Home Isolation Guide by Columbia Asia, there were 18 recommendations for people going for home quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure.

One on the recommendation is on Self Monitor.

Self monitoring

Above is a screen grab of the Home Isolation Guide by Columbia Asia.

A person going on home quarantine has to monitor their symptoms such as taking daily temperature and oxygen saturation in their body.

Therefore, there will need a digital thermometer and a pulse oximeter.

You can download a copy of the Home Isolation Guide by Columbia Asia by clicking here.

What is the baseline for your blood oxygen saturation?

According to a report from The Strait Times, Singapore, normal pulse oximeter readings usually range from 95 to 100 per cent.

For instance, while the baseline oxygen saturation for most young and healthy people would be well above 95 per cent, others with underlying lung disease or who are obese may already have a baseline oxygen saturation that falls below 95 per cent.

Prof Hsu, The Strait Times

Buying pulse oximeter online

In this section, I will share how I found and bought the ideal pulse oximeter online.

My first criteria is NOT to buy the cheapest pulse oximeter I can find.

This is because, the readings from the device is very important.

To me, the accuracy of the readings can mean life or death!

From my experience, there is a reason why electronic devices from China are so cheap.

The product is either low quality or simply does not work.

Therefore, I avoided all the cheap pulse oximeter sellers from China.

I want a pulse oximeter with a certification that the readings are correct and accurate.

I did my shopping on Lazada since it is the largest online marketplace in Malaysia.

With so many pulse oximeter on Lazada, how do I choose?

What I did was used the Ratings and Reviews of the individual pulse oximeter listing.

I avoided listings that have less than 3 Stars.

When I narrowed down my search, I found a seller in Lazada that is a pharmacy.

The pulse oximeter listed from the seller has more than 50 ratings.

The pulse oximeter is a brand known as Medisana PM100.

What I liked about the Medisana PM100 listed by the seller on Lazada is the MMD Registration number.

With the MMD device registration number, I can do a search on the Medical Device Authority Register Malaysia (MDAR).

Doing a search on MDAR, I will know whether the establishment who is dealing with the medical device has been licensed under the Medical Device Act 2012 (Act 737).

The following is how I did the search.

The MMD registration number for the Medisana pulse oximeter is GC52083234217.

I head over to MDAR web portal at

Under the Registered Medical Device Search bar, I entered “Pulse Oximeter” and then clicked the Search button.

Medical device search

The search results showed:

  • Name of device
  • Registration number
  • Establishment name
  • Validity of registration
  • Device list
Search results

Next, I narrowed down the Search using the device registration number.

What I found was the Establishment name for Medisana Pulse Oximeter which is Zuellig Pharma Sdn Bhd.

Zuellig Pharma

Above is a screen grab of the Medisana Pulse Oximeter marketed by Zuellig Pharma in Malaysia.

I know of Zuellig Pharma and I know it is an established company in Malaysia.

To see all the info from the MDAR search on Medisana Pulse Oximeter, click here.

Buying pulse oximeter

In the section below, I will share my experience buying the Medisana Pulse Oximeter.

I placed an order for the PM100 device from the pharmacy online store on Lazada.

The device was delivered to my address a few days later.

Parcel from Lazada

Above is a picture of the parcel that was delivered to me.

Medisana PM100

Above is a picture of the unboxing.

Medisana oximeter

The Medisana PM100 pulse oximeter up close.

Oxygen reading

Above is a picture of me getting my first blood oxygen saturation reading from the PM100.

As you can see, my reading is at 97 percent.

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope my sharing on how I researched and found the best pulse oximeter device has been helpful to you.

If you want to get the Medisana PM100 for your family, you can get it from Lazada.

Click here to visit Lazada

(Download the Lazada app on your smartphone to view the offer)

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