Can Compression Pants Helps With Scoliosis?

Lately, I have been getting many inquiries through my blog from readers asking if wearing compression pants can help people with scoliosis.

Scolisis bracing

When it comes to slimming effect, yes, I know the FIR compression pants works because I have experienced the effect personally.

I have also did some research online and found a scientific study done to measure the effectiveness of far infrared ray (FIR) garment on slimming.

You can read about the study from the link below.

[Wearing FIR Garment Effective For Slimming – Results Supported By Scientific Study]

In regards to the effectiveness of compression pants to help with scoliosis, I was a bit hesitant to give an answer because I don’t have any personal testimonial to share.

That was the reason I started writing this article because I want to learn more about scoliosis, the challenges people with scoliosis faced and how the compression pants can help them.

What is scoliosis?

Firstly, what is scoliosis?

According to the Chiropractic Specialty Center:

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine, detected in children especially during periods of rapid growth. It is more common in females and often passed from mother to child (daughter). Mild and moderate cases are painless, but can it cause pain as it progresses.

Scoliosis is a Greek word which means crooked.

It is not a systemic disease but it does cause an undesirable outlook and a possibility of health complications of the individual having scoliosis.

Scoliosis can be classified into two main types:

1) Congenital – whereby the deformity of the spine already exists when the child is born.

2) Idiopathic – which means of an unknown cause.

80% of scoliosis cases fall into the category of Adolescence Idiopathic Scoliosis.

In Singapore, the national scoliosis statistics is very similar to Malaysia.

According to

The most common form of scoliosis is adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, affecting those between 10 and 18 years old.

In Singapore, the prevalence of idiopathic scoliosis in school girls is 1.4 per cent at the age of 11 – 12 and 2.2 per cent at the age of 13 – 14. (Singapore Health Services)

What are the signs and symptoms of scoliosis?

The signs and symptoms are:

  • Uneven shoulder level
  • Prominent hip to side
  • A rib hump due to the deformed ribs
  • Imbalanced musculature

It seems the conditions are more prevalent in girls than in boys.

What are the treatment for scoliosis?

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are 3 types of treatment for scoliosis. These treatments are:

1) Observation

Children with mild spinal curve do not require treatment.

However, if the doctor is worried that the curve may be increasing, he or she may wish to examine the child every four to six months throughout adolescence.

2) Bracing

Braces are only effective in patients who have not reached skeletal maturity.

Scoliosis bracing

If the child is still growing and his or her curve is between 25 degrees and 40 degrees, a brace may be recommended to prevent the curve from progressing. (American Association of Neurological Surgeons)

However, the bracing used to treat scoliosis can be very expensive and uncomfortable.

3) Surgery

Surgery treatment is recommended for serious case of scoliosis.

Most experts would recommend surgery only when the spinal curve is greater than 40 degrees and there are signs it is getting worst.

Using compression pants to help with scoliosis

It seem many people suffering from scoliosis have been wearing compression pants as a non-invasive solution for their condition.

Surprisingly, many people have been experiencing positive results.

Below are some of the user’s testimonials that I’ve found on Facebook.

These people are in a mixed demographics meaning the testimonials are from both men and women and from young to old.

Aulora Pants Scoliosis 5

The time frame that they wore the compression pants to correct their spinal curve ranges from 1 month to 6 months.

How does the compression pants help with scoliosis?

To be honest, I am not entirely sure.

However, there is another invisible element in the pants and that is the compression and support components in its design.

Aulora Pants hip section design

As you can see, the compression pants women design is made with multiple compression and support section at the hip area.

The design at the hip area helps to maintain the position of your waist and also tightens your pelvic floor muscle.

Because the pants material is stretchy and elastic, the pants help to continuously correct your pelvic into a neutral position.

According to Scoliosis Association UK:

” Some people with scoliosis might find good posture difficult. Often someone with scoliosis will lean forwards and to the side either slightly or a lot. They will often try to avoid doing this, which can lead to slightly bent knees and the pelvis tilting backwards. “

The challenge for people with scoliosis is to achieve a neutral pelvis position. Those wearing the compression pants found a solution to help them to achieve a neutral pelvis position without affecting their movement.

Because the pants is airy and comfortable and can be worn for long hours, after some time, their curved spine started to straighten due to the neutral pelvis position.

The big question is, will the compression pants work for you, your parents or your child with scoliosis?

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question.

What worked for others may or may not work for you.

Before I end this article, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog. The content above are for information and educational purposes only.

What worked for others may or may not work for you. Please do your own due diligence.

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