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The above is a picture of me wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra with Kodenshi.

My husband and I have been building our network marketing business using the BE International business opportunity since March 2018.

We did quite well in the business and our business with BE is now our full time career.

The BE business has a wide range of health and wellness product.

One of the most popular product is the Aulora Series with Kodenshi far infrared ray (FIR) garment imported from Japan.

One of the most popular product from the Aulora Series is the Aulora Seamless Bra.

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal experience wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra to sleep.

As a women, usually we don’t wear our bra to sleep because it is uncomfortable.

But what made me decide to wear the Aulora Bra to sleep?

This is my story.

Seamless Bra launching

On 8th June 2024, BE International had an event for the launching of the Aulora Seamless Bra with Kodenshi in Malaysia.

The event was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

I went to the event together with my husband.

For the event, BE International has invited Professor Dr. Norinaga Shimizu of Osaka Prefecture University.

Dr. Shimizu shared the history and the importance of women’s bra on stage.

He also shared some new findings of the Kodenshi fabric technology used on the Aulora Seamless Bra.

What caught my attention was the data presented on how Kodenshi can help to improve the sleep quality of the wearer especially for working women and nursing mothers.

For women, we are always striving for a good night’s sleep, but finding a bra with the right balance between comfort and support can be challenging.

For me, I will always choose comfort over support when I am sleeping.

That’s why I will always go to sleep without wearing my bra.

According to Dr. Shimizu, the Aulora Seamless Bra can offer both comfort and support with the added benefits of improving our body blood circulation with Kodenshi.

Improved blood circulation is due to the far infrared ray (FIR) emitted by the Kodenshi fabric.

To learn more about the Kodenshi fiber technology, click here.

Aulora Seamless Bra Launching Ceremony in PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) concluded successfully with VVIP speaker, the expert of Kodenshi, Dr Norinaga Shimizu, all the way here from Japan to share the updated findings of Aulora with Kodenshi. Kodenshi fiber is the pioneering development in the field of intelligent fiber and textile in Japan. Aulora Seamless Bra is not just a fashion bra but its also a breathable health and wellness bra with wearable technology of Far Infrared. If you are a women, you should own it. If you are a man, let your mom, your wife, your daughter, your sister, your grandmother, your loved ones feel the happiness too. #BEInternational #IamfromBEInternational #AuloraSeamlessBra #KodenshiFiber #japan #madeinjapan #AuloraSeriesWithKodenshi #AuloraPantswithKodenshi #farinfraredtechnology #flexmove #bra

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Check out the Aulora Seamless Bra launching event in the TikTok video above.

My sleeping routine

I have been wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra since end of 2023.

However, I only wear the bra during day time.

I have never wore the Kodenshi bra to sleep.

When I heard that the bra can improve sleep quality, I was very keen to try it.

I have to confess, I do not have a good sleeping habit.

Usually I will stay up late until past midnight because I have to settle my daughters before I go to bed.

I will wake up at 5:30 am in the morning to prepare breakfast for my daughters and tie their hair before my husband send them to school.

I will then continue sleeping.

Due to my late night and early morning routine, the quality of my sleep is not great.

Nonetheless, whatever sleep I got, I could get on with my day.

After hearing the speech by Dr. Shimizu, I was thinking, since I am already wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra during the day time, why not I wear the bra to sleep as well.

That was what I did!

My experience

It was Sunday night as I got ready for bed.

The next day Monday was a special holiday for my daughter’s school because of Tuen Ng Festival.

Meaning I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 am in the morning.

I got into my bed wearing my Aulora Seamless Bra.

I took a mental note of how my body felt wearing the bra as I am getting prepared to sleep.

I am comparing the sensation I felt before I wore the bra to sleep to when I am wearing it to sleep.

What I felt when I am in bed is that the Aulora Bra is very comfortable and both my breasts are well supported even when I turned to my side.

Furthermore, my body felt very nice and cool.

It didn’t take long before I fell asleep.

Next morning, I woke up at around 10:00 am.

I felt very refreshed and to be honest, I didn’t feel like getting up from bed.

I would prefer to continue sleeping.

What I realised was, I did not wake up at all in the middle of the night.

The quality of my sleep was very good.

I didn’t feel any discomfort and there were no pressure marks on my body because of the bra.

All in all, my experience of wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra to sleep was very good.

In summary, these are what I’ve experienced wearing the Aulora Bra to sleep.

1) It help to improve my sleep quality

2) The bra is very comfortable and supportive of my breasts

3) My skin felt smooth and cool

4) I don’t feel any discomfort on my body

5) I felt very refreshed and energised in the morning

Logo Aulora pada Aulora Bra

The above is a picture of my Aulora Bra.

Though is was the first time I wore the Aulora Seamless Bra to sleep, since my experience has been very good, I will continue wearing the Kodenshi bra to sleep.

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope my sharing above has been helpful for you.

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