Why Ex-Radio Announcer In Malaysia Building BE Business?

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My wife and I are both professional network marketers.

We have been building our network marketing business by partnering with BE International since March 2018.

In order to grow our business, we are constantly learning from other BE leaders and also learning the stories of Indepentdent Business Owners (IBO).

In this article, I though of sharing the learning that I got from an interview that I watched.

The interview was between Stephany L. with an ex-radio announcer and host in Malaysia known as Hisham.

When we listened to DJs or announcers on the radio, it seems like they have a fun and exciting job.

They get to travel around the country and get to meet and interview local and international celebrities.

Why would they leave their job and pursue a career in the network marketing industry?

Listening to the interview with Hisham gave me some insight.

According to Hisham, apart from being a radio announcer, once in a while he also gets emcee jobs, event launching and hosting jobs etc.

However, these type of side projects are not consistent and far in between.

What triggered Hisham and what made him decided to leave his radio announcer job and take advantage of the BE International business opportunity?

Similar to myself, initially Hisham was very sceptical about the direct selling business.

In fact, when he was invited to have a look at the BE business opportunity, he wasn’t very keen at all.

Most people that was introduced to BE International was through one of the top product which is the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan.

In fact Hisham was not interested on the FIR Kodenshi pants, rather he was interested on the functional food Belixz Befil for heart health.

Why Befil?

Reason being, Hisham was a heart attack survivor and he was looking for a solution to take care of his heart.

The Belixz Befil heart health formulation fits the bill.

Hisham started off being a user of BE product only.

What changed was when he saw the income that other BE leaders are earning from the business.

His interest peaked when one of his downline was earning a higher commission from BE than him.

With that, he realised that in the BE International marketing plan, whoever came in first or signed up before you not necessary will make more money than him.

Interview with Hisham

Hisham got to know more about BE when he got to experience the BE CULTURE.

The culture in BE is very different compared to other MLM company in Malaysia.

Hisham could feel the sincerity when his upline and mentors helped and guided him in the business.

They are honest in giving critism.

They are always there not just for him, but for his downlines as well.

The leaders a few levels above him are willing to come down to help and guide his brand new members.

Later, Hisham got to know the founders of BE International.

The founders of BE, with their years of experience in the MLM industry are very well off, why do they still want to trouble themselves to work hard and grow the company?

Why the founders are still so “hands on” in the business?

Hisham learnt that the founders of BE felt that it was their responsibility to bring this opportunity for everyone.

It was not the founders goal to make money from the business, rather it was to help others to have a better life.

Hisham admires that and that was why he become more serious in his BE business.

Hisham also realised there were something he has not yet achieve especially matters related to his career and his family.

He wanted to make a change and he is using the BE International business opportunity to make the change that he wanted.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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