FIR Compression Pants From Japan For Stroke Recovery

This is the most amazing testimonial using the far infrared ray (FIR) pants from Japan for stroke recovery I have seen so far.

Kodenshi Fiber

Really thankful to Alex and Monika for sharing their dad’s experience using the FIR pants to recover from a stroke he suffered more than 2 years ago.

Below is the actual testimonial shared by Alex and Monika:

My dad’s health effected by a stroke causing his left side body paralyzed for more than 2 years. We have tried many methods like acupuncture, physiotherapy, Chinese massage therapy and others but still not much improvement. Due to stroke my Dad also have other problems like insomnia, water retention and varicose veins.

Until one fine day, my customer Ms. Hoon introduce me to use a product. I was skeptical and having doubts how just by wearing a pants can cure my dad.

I try to find more information about it, the pants is actually made from a special technology and material called Kodenshi Fiber® in Japan and has been in the Japan market for more than 25 years. I try to research more and manage to find many testimonials in Social media and Youtube.

So I decided to get 1 set ( 2 pieces ) of the pants for my dad to try hopefully it works. To my surprise the 2nd day wearing the pants, my dad was sleeping like a baby no snoring and walking up every hour meaning his insomnia problem is solved!

On the 5th day, his left leg has no more water retention and varicose veins issue!

On the 8th day, my Dad started to walk again by himself!

Somehow he manage to gain his strength and courage to stand up and try walking by lifting up his left leg slowly.

Consider this is a miracle or another chance in life, but I believe this is the science and technology behind the Kodenshi Fiber® from Japan.

The Kodenshi Fiber® which absorbs the wearer’s body temperature and releases far-infrared pulses into the body to increase metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

The pants is your easy and effective wellness pants that help you achieve healthier legs, as we always believe that healthier legs lead to healthier body.

Try to learn more and research by googling or social media by typing #firpants. If you want to know more about the pants, please do no hesitate to call/WhatsApp me.

I am really grateful to Alex and Monika for sharing their dad’s experience wearing the pants. You can also check out the video of their dad amazing recovery on Youtube by clicking here.

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Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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