6 Sources Of Targeted Leads For Your Home Business

Hi, this is Mommy Lynn.

Thank you for reading my article on How To Start A Part Time Business From Home In Malaysia.

I hope it was helpful for you.

Ever since I published that article, many people have contacted me and expressed their interest on starting their own home business.

However, most of them always came back to me asking one similar question.

“Where should I go to find customers for my home business?”

In this article, I thought of sharing 6 sources to get enquiries for your home business.

These are the same online and offline sources that I focus my time on to generate leads for my home business and ultimately convert them into my customers.

I’ll share with you my techniques of getting leads. All of them are very simple and easy and most important, these sources are Free!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

1) Warm market

When you’ve started your own home business, why not tell your family and friends about it.

Your warm market already knows you, just share with them the benefits of the product you are selling.

For me, the earliest customers for my home business when I first got started were my mother, and my sister-in-laws 🙂

They trusted me on my recommendation and therefore were willing to try my product.

2) Warm market referrals

The next source of leads for your home business should be referrals from your relatives and friends.

After trying the product I am selling, my mother actually referred a lady to me. She is the auntie selling prawn noodles at the market that my mother used to go to for breakfast.

I called her, made and appointment to see her, shared with her the benefits of my product and ultimately she bought from me.

Therefore, warm market referrals is a good source of leads for your home business.

3) Facebook friends

Do you know how many people are connected to you as Friends on your Facebook account?

Go through all your FB friend list and PM them. Tell them you’ve started a home business.

4) Facebook groups

When you’ve ran out of warm market leads, next source of leads is to reach out to people in Facebook groups.

The trick here is to find discussion groups which are related to the product you are selling.

For example, if you are selling baby garment, why not join Facebook groups for mothers.

Remember, you don’t join these groups to sell your product. You should start applying some “Attraction Marketing” strategy on FB groups.

Be active in the groups and help with answering questions.

Send out friend request to the members of the FB group. When they accepted your friend request, start to cultivate a friendship.

After they got to know you, you can start to share with them your home business.

5) Instagram

Another source of leads for your home business is Instagram.

In the Instagram app, start to follow mini influencers.

Comments and ask question on pictures they’ve posted.

You should also start posting pictures of the product you are selling on your Instagram account.

The objective here is to start building friendship and relationship.

6) Networking events

In terms of offline leads source, you can start attending networking events.

These are networking meetup which you can attend for free. For example, you can attend events organised by BNI Malaysia.

You can also search for networking events using meetup.com/.

The objective of going to such events is to gather as many name cards and contacts as possible and follow up with them later.

Remember, you don’t go to these events to sell, you just want to collect their contact details.


There you have it, 6 sources to generate leads for your home business.

There are many more sources of leads which you can try but the most important part is to take action.

Thank you for reading this article and all the best to you.

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