Packaging Work At Home Offers – Stay Away!

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal thoughts on the packaging work at home offers that you can find on the internet.

Apparently, these type of offers are popular in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Packaging work at home offers in Malaysia and Singapore

What is the job requirement?

Well, in this type of offers, all you have to do is stuff greeting cards into envelops at the comfort of your home and mail them out for companies.

Sometimes, you are required to pack physical goods into boxes for your employer and mail them out.

Sound simple enough right?

You get to have an income source while working from home. No one to boss you around and you’ll get to work according to your schedule.

The problem is, these type of packaging jobs at your home are purely scams.

The sad part is, these scammers are targeting people who are desperate for an income source.

It may be a single mother, retirees, someone who is disabled etc.

If you are considering taking up packaging work at home offers, my advise is, please don’t or your will get scammed.

The chances of these type of packing from home jobs being legit is very small.

Think about it. Why would a company outsource their greeting cards mailing job to a 3rd party?

The greeting cards mailing can easily be done with an automate machine that can pack the cards in envelops, seal them and print the postage stamp.

The cost for a commercial mailing batch is actually not that high.

A bigger issue with packing jobs at home is sending physical goods in boxes.

You may unknowingly getting yourself into a criminal activity.

Let me explain.

A scammer could use a stolen credit card to make a purchase online. Since the scammer is trying to avoid the authority, he may ask the online merchant to send the order package to your home address.

The scammer will then ask you to repack the goods bought with stolen credit card and send it out to an international address.

The scammer gets to receive the goods and your details are being associated with the above criminal activity.

When the police opens an investigation case, chances are, they will follow the trail which will lead to you.

Again, my advise it, stay away from these working from home packaging job offers.

Are there other alternative?

Is there a better alternative?

If not for the work from home job offers, what else can you do?

My answer is, yes there is a better alternative, but you need to have an open mind and be willing to accept change.

Due to the global pandemic, the world has now changed into a new norm.

Are you willing to change for the better? If you are, please read on.

I am a full time mother with 2 young daughters and at the same time, I am also building my own home based business.

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The way I build my business is by partnering with a local company that provides the support platform and system for my home business.

In a my separate article, I’ve shared the 5 essential keys to start a successful online home based business. Check out the article below.

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