Aulora Kodenshi Pants Now Available In Brunei

Great news!

The amazing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan can now be purchased by the beautiful people of Brunei Darussalam.

Back in early 2018, a team of leaders from BE International Malaysia flew to Brunei to do a product sharing session with a few very entrepreneous Bruneian.

Aulore Kodenshi Brunei

Bringing Aulora Kodenshi into Brunei

Aulora Kodenshi Brunei

Sharing BE International marketing plan

As a result of the sharing event, we now have business associates in the Brunei market.

Does the Aulora Pants work?

Yes, the Aulora Pants does work for me personally.

I know because I have been wearing the leggings since December 2017.

In this article, I thought of sharing my personal experience wearing the pants.

Below are my “Before and after” pictures.

If you want to know what made me decide to buy the pants, you can read my story by clicking here.

Toned up tummy

BE International Now In Brunei

As of August 2019, BE International Marketing is now officially operating in Brunei.

You can now register as a member with BE International and purchase all it’s product such as Aulora Pants, Aulora Socks, Aulora Panties, Aulora Boxer, Shiruto, Aulora Basic Top etc direct from the company.

Member registration is Brunei is only B$20.

Do you want to know how to register for a BE Brunei member account?

If you do, please click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will assist you.

Click here for WhatsApp chat

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