Aulora Seamless Bra Relieved My Shoulder & Back Pain

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The above is a picture of me wearing the Kodenshi Bra from Japan known as Aulora Seamless Bra.

My husband and I have been building our network marketing business using the BE International business opportunity since March 2018.

We did quite well in the business and our business with BE is now our full time career.

The BE business has a wide range of health and wellness product.

One of the most popular product is the Aulora Series with Kodenshi far infrared ray (FIR) garment imported from Japan.

One of the most popular product from the Aulora Series is the Aulora Seamless Bra.

What are the benefits of wearing the Aulora Bra?

If you were to search on social media, you will see many testimonials from people that have tried the Aulora Bra.

All of them have their own different experience after wearing the bra.

Below is a TikTok video I’ve recorded sharing the reasons why I wanted to wear the Aulora Bra.

Why I choose Aulora Seamless Bra???? Dr Professor Norinaga Shimizu, the expert of #Kodenshi all the way here from Japan to Putrajaya PICC share the updated findings of Aulora with Kodenshi on 8th June 2024. Aulora Seamless Bra is not just a fashion bra but its also a breathable health and wellness bra with wearable technology of Far Infrared. Kodenshi fiber is the pioneering development in the field of intelligent fiber and textile in Japan. If you are a women, you should own it. If you are a man, let your mom, your wife, your daughter, your sister, your grandmother, your loved ones feel the happiness too. #BEInternational #IamfromBEInternational #AuloraSeamlessBra #KodenshiFiber #japan #madeinjapan #AuloraSeriesWithKodenshi #AuloraPantswithKodenshi #farinfraredtechnology #flexmove #bra

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In this article, I thought of sharing how Aulora Seamless Bra has helped to relieve my shoulder and back pain.

My story

The following is my story on how I was introduced to the Aulora Seamless Bra.

I first heard about the Aulora Bra back in November 2023.

Because my husband and I had qualified for the BE International Lifestyle Trip, I was given the opportunity to purchase the Aulora Bra before it was launched in the market.

Since it was a new Aulora Series product, I decided to purchase 2 sets of the Aulora Bra.

If you want to know more about the day I bought my Aulora Bra from BE Head Office in Bukit Jalil, you can read my Aulora Bra first impression article.

My back pain struggles

Before using the Aulora Seamless Bra, I had chronic back pain, mainly due to breastfeeding my youngest daughter for almost three years.

The pain was a constant companion, especially when I had to stand for long periods, like when cooking.

It was so severe that I often had to lie down to get some relief.

Along with the back pain, I also had stiff shoulders and neck, leading to frequent migraines.

My husband would massage my back to help ease the pain, and I also wore the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi to help with my lower back pain.

What was my first impressions wearing the seamless bra?

When I first wore the Kodenshi Bra, I immediately noticed how comfortable it was.

Without an underwire, it felt soft and cooling, with sweat evaporating quickly.

The elastic material fit perfectly, and the wide shoulder straps stayed in place, unlike my regular bras that always slipped down.

My bra experience

The bra is made with special material called Flexmove which is incredibly stretchy and retains its shape well.

It’s soft, breathable, and offers great support.

The design includes high side seams that provide consistent support and contouring, and the full-coverage back design smooths out any bulges.

I wear the Aulora Seamless Bra every day, especially when my husband and I go for meetings and appointments.

I even wear the Aulora bra to sleep!

It’s particularly helpful during long car rides and when I’m cooking or standing for extended periods.

Since I started wearing it, my back and shoulder pain have significantly reduced.

I no longer experience stiff shoulders or neck muscles.

The bra has not only helped with back pain but it also improved my posture, which helped to relieve pain on my back.

I’ve noticed reduced shoulder pain, relieved neck pain, fewer headaches, and better sleep quality.

The Aulora Seamless Bra has become a crucial part of my health and wellness routine.

I wear it when I go out and during my evening walks.

It offers better support and comfort than any other seamless bra I’ve tried, thanks to the far-infrared rays emitted by the Kodenshi fiber that help relieve muscle pain.

Bra design

The design of the Aulora Seamless Bra is fantastic!

The V-neckline looks stylish and boosts my confidence.

The full-coverage back design smooths out any bulges, making it fit nicely under different types of clothing.

Mommy Lynn Aulora Seamless Bra

Above is a picture of me wearing the Aulora Bra with a see through top.

Currently, I have the black bra, and I’m planning to get the Macadamia soft beige color to match my lighter outfits.

How to wash the Aulora Seamless Bra?

Caring for the bra is simple.

I hand wash it and dry it in the shade, hanging it upside down to maintain its shape.

It’s easy to maintain and stays in its shape even after multiple washings.

My final thoughts

The most significant change since I started wearing the Aulora Seamless Bra is the relief from back and shoulder pain.

My sleep quality has also improved, making a big difference in my daily life.

One standout moment was when I noticed how much nicer my silhouette looked while wearing the bra.

This small change gave me a confidence boost and made me feel better about myself.

Overall, my experience with the Aulora Seamless Bra has been incredibly positive.

It has provided much-needed relief from chronic back pain and shoulder pain.

As an added benefits, the bar has also improved my posture and enhanced my overall well-being.

If you’re struggling with similar issues or just want a comfortable, supportive bra, I highly recommend giving the Aulora Seamless Bra a try.

It might just become your new favorite too!

That’s all for my sharing in this article.

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