MLM Business Growth In Malaysia – Reignite Your Fire

During the Covid-19 lock down, many network marketers are experiencing a slow down in the growth of their MLM business.

Starting over

This is expected since the business of MLM is all about relationship building and face to face meetings.

How has the lockdown affected your business?

As for me, I am located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia has been on a partial lockdown and then full lockdown since March 2020.

I’ll be lying if I were to say the lockdown has not affected my MLM business at all.

Back in the end of 2019, my husband and I were getting ready to grow our international business.

We were ready to travel to other countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia to grow our network.

But all our business plans have to be put on hold because of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, our business is still moving products.

Our blog is still generating leads and we are still closing sales.

Unfortunately we were unable to go deeper on some of our lines.

Business challenges

Some of our key leaders quit during the pandemic lockdown.

It’s heart breaking but life has to move on.

We are grateful that both my husband and I have received our Covid-19 vaccination.

It is only a matter of time before the lockdown is lifted and we can move on with our life.

How do you get back the momentum for your network marketing business growth?

How do you reignite the fire in your belly?

How would you step into the new norm?

Probably a lot of MLM entrepreneurs are stuck in a rut right now.

Some may be doubting their decision to start their network marketing business.

In this article, I thought of sharing some tips that you can do to make sure that you are not staying in the rut.

At least you start to dig yourself out of the hole.

Firstly, acknowledge that the world is moving into a new norm.

The world before the year 2020 is no more.

Wearing a face mask when we are at a crowded place is a must.

Things will be different after the pandemic.

To start growing our network again after the pandemic, lets start with evaluating our business.

One think that I’ve learnt about the way I built my network before the pandemic was not going deep enough with some of my lines.

I relied too much on some of my key leaders.

These are the same leaders that jumped ship when the water got too rough.

I know now that I need to foster the same close relationship with all my downlines, not just the active leaders.

Burning ship

Identify patterns

What else worked or is still working on your MLM business.

For me, I know that this blog is still generating leads for my business.

I know my blog readers are still getting value from the content that I’ve published.

If you are a professional network marketer, probably you can consider starting a business blog to help generate leads for your business.

There is 1 thing that you can do right now.

That is not worrying and getting stressed about what didn’t work.

Focus more of your time and energy on what worked.

What if there is nothing working for you right now?

My advise is, start doing things differently.

It can be the way you generate leads or the way you follow up with customers.

Whatever it is, make sure it is something different from what you have been doing last month or even last year.

Monitor your work and track your progress.

Sooner or later, you will start seeing a pattern.

When you notice a pattern, you can now start to improve it.

Where to focus?

Where should you be focusing your effort when building your MLM business?

Here are some statistics for you.

If you are a senior in the MLM industry in Malaysia, probably you’ve already know this.

These are the data and statistics from Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM).

Malaysia MLM ranking

If you are building a networking marketing business, it is still best to focus your time and energy in Malaysia.

You may be asking why?

In terms of total industry sales, for the year 2019, Malaysia was ranked number 7 globally at USD 6.116 Billion!

As per the numbers above, the top 3 countries to build a MLM business in Asia are:

  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Malaysia

If you were to build a network marketing business in South East Asia, the number one market is Malaysia.

Which type of product should you focus on for your MLM business?

Malaysia market

As per the data from DSAM on the percentage of sales turnover by product in Malaysia, the top 3 product categories are:

  • Wellness
  • Household goods and durables
  • Cosmetics & personal care

Which marketing channel should you focus more of your attention on to growth your MLM business?

Malaysia MLM marketing

Again, as per the data from DSAM, the sales methods for the MLM industry in Malaysia are person-to-person, party plan and online.

Both the person-to-person and party plan are on a downtrend.

Not surprising, the online sales method for the year 2020 increased to 34% from 22% the previous year.

Online sales method is clearly on an up-trend.

Therefore, your marketing channel to grow your MLM business in Malaysia should focus more on online strategies.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helps

If you have been in the network marketing industry and you would like to re-start your MLM business again, click on the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will assist you.

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