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Thank you for reading this article. My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In this article, I will share with you one of my favourite multi level marketing (MLM) business success story.


This is a rag to riches story of a farmer’s son from Malaysia.

His name is Chong Chee Ann and his wife Tan Lee Eng.

The company that Chee Ann and his wife partnered with to build his network marketing business is BE International.

What is BE International?

What is so unique about the company since there are so many direct selling companies in the country?

BE International is one of the fastest growing direct sales company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company also has its international branch offices and distribution channel in other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

BE International with its global aspiration is a member of reputable direct selling association such as:

  • Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)
  • Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS)
  • Indonesian Direct Selling Association (APLI)

Similar to other MLM companies in the world, BE International also has its distributor’s ranking system.

BE International distributor’s rankings are:

  • Independent Business Owner (IBO)
  • Ambassador
  • Sapphire Ambassador
  • Ruby Ambassador
  • Emerald Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA)

The highest ranking in the BE business is the Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA).

Now that you know the different ranking in BE International, I want to share with you the story of Chee Ann and his wife.

As you’ve guessed it, they are RCCA with BE International.

A farmer’s son

When I first met Chee Ann during a company event, he seems like a very stern man of few words.

He doesn’t seem very articulate.

But as soon as he started speaking on stage, I was stunned by how confident, persuasive and charismatic he is.

He is a great speaker on stage and on Zoom Meeting as well.

He can speak fluently in Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

When I learnt more of Chee Ann’s story, I was amazed by his achievements.

At the young age of 30, he already became a millionaire in Malaysia.

No, he did not win the jackpot or lottery.

Neither did he inherited his wealth from his parents.

His parents are hard working farmers.

According to Chee Ann, he became a millionaire in Malaysia because of a decision that he made.

Life changing gap year

As mentioned earlier, Chee Ann’s parents are farmers who wanted their children to study hard for a better life.

According to Chee Ann, he has 3 siblings and they all graduated from local universities thanks to their parent’s hard work to finance their education.

With a degree in hand, Chee Ann was ready for the corporate world of Malaysia.

But interestingly, he chose not to get into employment.

Instead, he took a gap year.

After Chee Ann graduated from university, he took a gap year to pursue a career in the MLM industry.

As a truly filial son, Chee Ann had wanted to become a successful R&D engineer.

He wanted to give his parents a better life but he figured if MLM could help him to achieve his dream faster, why not give it a try?

A gap year became a lifetime career in MLM for Chee Ann.

As of today, Chee Ann and his wife have been in the MLM business for more than 20 years!

I remember Chee Ann said from a talk he gave:

“The MLM business has given us the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves continuously, no matter how successful we are.

While we are solving our downline’s problems, we are growing too.

As we grow stronger, our downlines grow too.”

For Chee Ann and his wife, MLM is a lifelong learning journey.

Despite their amazing success in the MLM industry, Chee Ann and Lee Ann have not slowed down because they have a mission to help others.

Journey with BE International

“MLM is a great way to strengthen your financial status but most importantly, it is a selfless way to achieve your goals while helping other to achieve their dreams,” Chong said.

My personal experience

My career path is very different from Chee Ann.

When I have completed my university studies in Australia, I came back to Malaysia and straight away got a job.

I was a Human Resource (HR) manager and also the personal assistant to the executive director of a stationary manufacturing company in Kuala Lumpur.

However, I resigned from my job when I got married to my husband and became a full time housewife and mother.

After more than 6 years not working, I tried to get back into employment but was unsuccessful due to my 6+ years gap of not working.

Out of desperation, I had to start a home business.

Without have much capital nor business or sales experience, I decided to make use of the business platform offered by BE International.

Back then, I was looking for a solution to help relieve my back ache and leg cramps.

I was told that the Aulora Pants can help and decided to give it a try.

After wearing the Aulora Pants for a week, I found that the pants did help to relieve my back ache and leg cramps.

That gave me confidence to start sharing the Aulora Pants with my friends and family members.

In March 2018, I started to build my network marketing business.

Home party presentation

Above is a picture of me sharing the BE International business opportunity and marketing plan.

As of today, my husband and I have achieved the Crown Ambassador ranking with BE International.

My next goal is to achieve the Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA)…just like Chee Ann and Lee Eng.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

Before I end, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog.

The write up above is for information and educational purposes only.

If you are not sure, please do further research to find the answer you are looking for.

Are you ready to start your own MLM business journey with BE International?

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