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Thank you for visiting Mommy Lynn Blog. My name is Will and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Will At Menzie's Creek, Australia

The above is a picture of me when I visited Menzie’s Creek in Australia.

My wife and I have been building our network marketing business using the BE International business opportunity since March 2018.

We did quite well in the business.

Our trip to Melbourne, Australia was fully sponsored by BE International when we qualified for the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign.

BE Lifestyle Travel campaign is a sales campaign held twice a year where the qualifier can get to travel overseas free of charge.

This is one of the many benefits building the BE business.

In this article, I thought of sharing how I was prospected by a stranger for my first MLM business opportunity.

My very first exposure to the network marketing business opportunity was back in early year 2000.

After I graduated from university, I got a job as a Business Development Executive selling AutoCad computer software in Kuala Lumpur.

Back then, I was staying in Klang, Selangor.

My daily commute to my office takes about 1 hour 30 mins one way.

It was OK at first, but after a few months, I was getting very tired of getting stuck in the traffic jam everyday.

I was thinking how I could get out of my daily traffic jam ordeal.

As a sales person, my job was to go out to get sales.

My job involve meeting a lot of people and exchanging business card.

For my first MLM business, I don’t remember how I was prospected, but a lady called my handphone.

Probably it was a weekend because I was at home.

It was a brief call and she said she has a business opportunity to share with me.

However, she wasn’t sure if I am the right person for it.

She said she can send me some information about the business and asked me if I would read it.

I said yes, I will read it.

She asked for my address because she will be sending me a book in the mail.

I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but since someone wants to send me a book to read, by all means.

I gave her my address and a few days later, I received a parcel with a book in it.

The book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I was curious and read the entire book in a couple of days.

That book really opened my mind to the concept of financial independence and passive income.

The lady then called me to follow up.

She was surprised I actually read the entire book.

Honestly, I was surprised also because that was the first book that I finished reading after leaving university.

She told me that if I want to know more about the business opportunity, there was a meeting happening in a function hall in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting will be held on a weekday at night.

Since I don’t like getting stuck in the traffic jam after work, I would rather stay in KL until after rush hour to get back home.

I agreed to go to the meeting.

I sat in the meeting for about 90 minutes.

In the meeting, they shared the network marketing business plan and then there were a few leaders went on stage to share their testimonials.

I was very intrigued by what I saw and decided to join the business.

From that day on, that stranger lady became my sponsor for my first MLM business venture.

That’s how I was prospected and joined my first MLM business opportunity.

My thoughts

In this section, I thought of sharing my thoughts on how I was prospected and recruited into my first MLM business.

Back in the early year 2000, no one knows how to do online prospecting.

Everything has to be done offline.

I like the way how the stranger lady used the Curiosity approach.

When approaching a cold contact, it’s hard to gauge whether the person is open to look at a business opportunity.

She was testing my “openness” when she asked me if I am willing to read a book.

I’m sure 90% of the cold contact she called will never read the book.

When I read the entire Rich Dad Poor Dad book, I passed the first hurdle.

Will I be open to a multi-level marketing or MLM business?

She used the meeting event as a tool to gauge my openness toward a MLM business model.

All in all, her entire system of prospecting and showing the business plan was excellent.

Now that the internet is so fast and we have many social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Lemon8 etc, the way we do prospecting for our MLM business is different.

My approach is by using Attraction Marketing to generate interest on the internet and social media, and then use the Online To Offline or O2O method to share the network marketing business opportunity.

That’s all for my sharing in this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

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